Safer Internet Day: YouTubers from Austria give tips for online security

Safer Internet Day: YouTubers from Austria give tips for online security


Every year, Safer Internet Day (SID) reminds us to move safely on the Internet and to handle digital media responsibly. This year, the SID will take place on February 8 under the motto “Together for a better Internet”. […]

In cooperation with four top local YouTubers, Google Austria informs users about protective measures on the Internet. In order to reach young people in particular with these topics, the YouTubers present their very personal tips for more security on the net via YouTube shorts. The short video service has been available in Austria since summer 2021 and supports the worldwide trend towards “short-form content”, which is very popular, especially among younger users.

The YouTube Shorts-Videos for Safer Internet Day 2022:

More information about the topics addressed by the YouTubers:

Brief bios of the YouTuber

  • Joanna Zhou, CuteLifeHacks (1.08million subscribers) and Maqaroon (1.89 million subscribers)
    Joanna runs the channels CuteLifeHacks and Maqaroon, both in English. Since 2013, she has been inspiring with great DIY craft ideas and giving her community creative inputs to imitate. Joanna is already very successful with over 50 filmed YouTube shorts videos, most of which have several million views. Her most watched shorts video to date recorded a phenomenal 111 million hits.
  • Peter Eftimov, Lingualizer (1.3 million subscribers)
    Peter explains to his community in his videos how to say “Hello” or “Where are you from?” in different languages expresses and tests the geographical knowledge of strangers on the road. The language talent speaks seven languages, three of them fluently. Peter has already uploaded over 100 YouTube shorts, one of them with a great 11 million views.
  • Holger Wennmann, AustrianBrickFan (1.07 million subscribers)
    The YouTuber from Carinthia, known as an Austrian Lego fan, enjoys great popularity with fans with speed build videos of Lego sets and is one of the most famous YouTubers in Austria. Holger has also been inspiring his community with YouTube shorts for some time – they have already recorded up to 80,000 views.
  • René Wurz, LuigiKid Gaming (761,000 subscribers)
    René is one of the gaming YouTubers of the first hour with his channel LuigiKid. For over ten years, the streamer has been entertaining its fans with gaming videos and let’s plays. He has also recently been experimenting with the functions of the new short video platform.

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