Sanofi is repositioning itself in SAP security

Sanofi stellt sich bei der SAP-Sicherheit neu auf

Pharmaceutical group opts for SecurityBride platform

The multinational pharmaceutical company overhauls its SAP cybersecurity infrastructure and opts for the SecurityBridge platform

The significant increase in cyber attacks and an increasingly complex IT and regulatory environment were the reason for the globally active pharmaceutical company Sanofi to fundamentally revise its SAP Cyber Security. The aim was to better detect attacks, protect business–critical applications, optimize software deployment and monitor it in real time – and this for many different and simultaneously used SAP solutions in an enormous system environment. In order to achieve these goals, Sanofi recently replaced its previous security tool with the Ingolstadt-based specialist’s platform SecurityBridge .

Almost all critical business processes at Sanofi are supported by SAP; there are over 500 (ECC and S/4) systems in the areas of finance, production, supply chain, sales, HR and much more that run in several data centers on site, in the AWS Private Cloud and in external hosting. The technological bandwidth ranges from ABAP to Java to HANA.

Within the IT department, a small team of experts takes care of dedicated SAP cybersecurity, supports the users responsible for their applications by providing monitoring solutions, coordinates troubleshooting and sets the security standard for each SAP project.

Stéphane Peteytas, Head of SAP Security at Sanofi: “We had to continuously redefine our requirements for SAP security. The goal was and still is to use the most powerful technology to protect business-critical SAP applications.“ According to the Sanofi manager, a security software for SAP must in particular enable real-time monitoring to detect technically sophisticated attack vectors. In addition, it should reduce the manual effort through automated processes and clear dashboards.

Comprehensive solution for SAP security

Dissatisfied with the tools used until then, the company was looking for a new holistic solution on the security market that meets the constantly increasing needs and requirements. After a long selection process, the decision was made on the platform of the security specialist SecurityBridge from Ingolstadt. He was faced with the challenge of connecting Sanofi’s numerous systems to his own platform while ensuring compliance with the strict data security regulations of the EU and the USA.

“At SecurityBridge, we have everything from a single source,” Stéphane Peteytas explains the product selection, “Security and compliance monitoring, customizable baseline policies, an open API-based architecture, dashboard /reporting, multiple integration with SIEM (QRadar and Splunk) and a central overview of missing security updates.” So far, Sanofi has connected more than 350 SAP systems to the monitoring, the rest are to follow quickly. As a result, SecurityBridge enables the pharmaceutical group to comply with the current regulatory requirements for the SAP environment and is also prepared for future international and national guidelines (KRITIS, ISO27001-2).

About SecurityBridge:

SecurityBridge is a software manufacturer with headquarters in Ingolstadt, Germany and several international locations. In response to the constantly growing threat situation due to cyber attacks, the SecurityBridge platform of the same name offers an attractive and effective security solution for SAP customers. The software platform, which is fully integrated into SAP, detects cyber attacks at an early stage and reliably repels them. In addition to monitoring, the SecurityBridge platform offers in-depth analysis tools to detect not only insecure configuration and missing security updates, but also vulnerabilities in customer-specific SAP developments.

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