SANS Institute Introduces SEC 275 Foundations for Beginners

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The SANS Institute, the world’s leading provider of cybersecurity training and certification, is introducing SEC 275, a new course designed for absolute beginners in the IT security industry. The course is only available online and interested parties can access course content in the amount of 120 hours. You have up to four months to complete the course and take the GIAC exam.

The following topics will be covered with the course:

  • Computer Components &Concepts
  • Operating Systems, Containers & Virtualization
  • Network Basics
  • Search engines and servers
  • Programming basics in Python and C
  • Advanced Computer Hardware (e.g. CPU & memory)
  • Encryption
  • Introduction to the basics of IT security, including forensics, reconnaissance, exploitation and privilege escalation as well as network and computer infiltration (lateral movement)

James Lyne, CTO SANS

Course Founder and SANS CTO James Lyne summarizes the offer as follows: “In recent years, cybersecurity has received a lot of attention, through spectacular ransomware attacks and attacks on critical infrastructures. Unfortunately, attackers are becoming more professional and working together better. The defenders still have some catching up to do here and the industry urgently needs more specialists. Our course is designed to make a contribution to fixing at least the last problem. For this, beginners and lateral entrants need basic computer and technology knowledge. SANS Foundations SEC 275 serves as an entry point into an IT education and career or can fill in the gaps by introducing students to these fundamentals. The course contains more than 100 exercises that will help you get started in cybersecurity. It prepares participants for entry into professional life and prepares them for further training in advanced, technical areas of cyber security.“

The course is intended for career changers from other professions, students, businessmen without in-depth knowledge in the field of cybersecurity, newcomers and participants in retraining programs.

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