SANS Trainings: Focus on critical care protection and forensics

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SANS returns to Munich with live training

The SANS Institute, the world’s leading provider of cyber security training and certification, is hosting the two parallel events SANS Munich and ICS Munich with a total of 8 courses from June 27 to July 2. For the intensive week, the cybersecurity training specialist is pitching his tents again at the Munich Marriott Hotel in Schwabing.

In view of the current risk situation for KRITIS operators due to external circumstances, the main focus is on the ICS-focused event. The tasks of ICS security specialists include the containment and elimination of malware and ransomware infections in power generation and production control networks, the implementation of malware analyses and digital ICS forensics. Other activities include the establishment of converged IT/OT emergency response and threat hunting teams, as well as the implementation of ICS assessments in substations, oil and gas refineries, manufacturing and telecommunications networks.

In addition to the ICS focus, three forensics courses take place. Here, two specialist trainings are carried out with Windows Forensics and Smartphone Forensics. The most famous trainer on site will be Heather Mahalik, the forensic scientist will teach the course FOR585. Mobile devices are often a key factor in solving criminal cases, security incidents, IP thefts, IT security threats and much more. The course includes 31 hands-on exercises, a forensic challenge and a bonus case as a homework assignment, which allows participants to analyze various datasets from smart devices and use the best forensic tools, methods and custom scripts to learn how to hide smartphone data and be easily misinterpreted by forensic tools. Each laboratory is designed so that participants learn a lesson that they can apply to other smartphones.

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