Sapphire 2022: SAP presents solutions for successful business transformations

Sapphire 2022: SAP presents solutions for successful business transformations

After a three-year break, SAP Sapphire will once again be held in Orlando from May 10 to 12. The German company presents innovations that help companies to survive in a rapidly changing world, namely stable supply chains, sustainability, transformation of business processes and development of no-code applications. […]

The joy of being able to participate in a “real”, face-to-face event again is clearly noticeable among the approximately 5,000 participants of Sapphire 2022. In countless sessions and lectures, customers, partners, but also journalists and analysts inform themselves about the presented innovations, best practices and exchange ideas on the spot. In addition, interested parties from all over the world can virtually participate in the Sapphire, which lasts until May 12.

Sapphire was opened with a keynote by SAP CEO Christian Klein. The topic: a successful business transformation or how the transformation can be accelerated with the help of innovative cloud-based solutions for the most important end-to-end business processes. The topic is more relevant than ever: a recent study by the Boston Consulting Group shows that 80 percent of companies rely on digital solutions to address their current business challenges – but only just under 30 percent realize a successful digital transformation of their business. This should change with the new SAP products. Christian Klein: “For 50 years, the mission-critical solutions and in-depth industry expertise of SAP have been helping organizations around the world to do their best. We are ideally positioned to further promote the success of our customers in a rapidly changing world. To this end, we are driving forward the cloud–based digital transformation that solves the most pressing challenges of our customers – from a stable supply chain to sustainability.“

Success factors: Reliable supply chains and intelligently networked companies

In a constantly changing world, a strong, reliable and resilient business network such as the SAP Business Network is an excellent tool that SAP customers can rely on. Not only is the SAP Business Network already the largest business network in the world, it is constantly being further developed. For example, the Ariba Network, the SAP Logistics Business Network and the SAP Asset Intelligence Network are now being merged, which should make impressive, completely new use cases possible. In addition, with the integration of Taulia, companies should now be able to unlock the value tied up in working capital.

Christian Klein emphasizes the importance of efficient, transparent and resilient supply chains. With the tools provided by SAP, these would be made possible. It is worth mentioning here the partnership with Apple that has now been concluded, which already led to the announcement of new iOS apps at Sapphire, which are intended to optimize the digital supply chain. The first two apps – SAP Warehouse Operator and SAP Direct Distribution – are available in the Apple App Store at the same time as Christian Klein’s keynote.

In addition, the new SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud combines the latest analytics, edge computing and automation innovations with modern, end-to-end manufacturing processes to support customers in optimizing their production performance.

Living sustainability

Sustainability is a major concern for SAP. The fact that SAP has been exceeding its self-set goals for years shows that it is serious about this. In order to know how the CO2 footprint can be reduced, one must be aware of the processes and the corresponding employee behavior, says Christian Klein, stressing that one can only react to, only change that which can be measured. With this in mind, the SAP CEO will be presenting new features of the SAP Cloud for Sustainable Enterprises at Sapphire. For example, with the extended SAP Product Footprint Management, companies get to know the CO2 footprint of their products and can reduce it on a large scale – for example, with the help of the live connectivity of the SAP S/4HANA Cloud, which recognizes and can regulate the CO2 footprint of employees thanks to appropriate transport and travel functions.

Julie Sweet, CEO of the new SAP partner Accenture, also praises the fact that sustainability functions are already built into SAP tools everywhere. Because if, according to Sweet, “sustainability is already integrated from the very beginning, no investment decision for or against sustainability measures is necessary on the part of the management”, which makes sustainability easier to live.

Transformation of business processes

Since its introduction a year ago, SAP has already counted 2,000 RISE-with-SAP customers who are redesigning their end-to-end business processes and switching to a modular, agile ERP in the cloud. Of these 2,000 companies, 60 percent are new customers, says Klein.

Some of these companies will show at Sapphire how they are using RISE with SAP to renew their business. In addition, SAP partners support customers in scaling innovations with the help of best practices and tailor-made solutions: RISE with SAP and SOAR with Accenture integrate and deliver everything that companies need for a cloud-based transformation, including cloud infrastructure and application management as well as operations services, according to SAP. The latest version of the SAP Service Cloud includes new features for dynamic case management and modeling, as well as native integration with Qualtrics XM Discover and Microsoft Teams.

Faster with no-code/low-code development, process automation, data and AI

Keyword shortage of skilled workers: The no-code/low-code development environment SAP AppGyver is now natively integrated with the SAP Service Cloud and available as part of the free area of the SAP Business Technology Platform. SAP Process Automation, also part of the SAP BTP Free Tier, has been extended for no-code workflow management and Robotic Process Automation (RPA). This allows specialist departments to quickly develop urgently needed software even without in-depth programming knowledge.

In addition, SAP is providing new AI-powered tools to intelligently optimize end-to-end business processes, including lead-to-cash, design-to-operate, recruit-to-retire, and source-to-pay. SAP also offers all university students free access to tailor-made learning resources in the “Student Zone” of the learning portal. In order to meet the growing need for accelerated app development by non-technical users, SAP is also introducing expanded learning opportunities that prepare students for new low-code/no-code certifications.

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