Save time every day with this amazing Mac folder shortcut

Save time every day with this amazing Mac folder shortcut

Use this trick to jump to any location in a save dialog box. […]

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We have all experienced this before: you save a file in Pages or Garageband or Microsoft Word and the dialog box starts in the completely wrong place. Then you need to grab the mouse or trackpad, click on the arrow and hope that the desired destination can be found there. If that’s not the case – and it almost always is – you’ll have to click through folders and locations until you find the destination you want.

But here’s the trick that iOS developer Zach Waugh told us: type the slash (/) on your keyboard when the backup dialog box appears, and you’ll be taken directly to a “Go to Folder” window that allows you to quickly navigate to any location on your Mac. Although you need to know the path, but the program also saves your recent locations so that you do not have to enter long sequences of folders again and again. It even works with the user shortcut with the ~ symbol.

I have already used the simple key combination a few times today (for example, when saving this article) and the time savings are enormous. This keeps your fingers on the keys and you get to a folder much faster than when you click on items in the sidebar or navigate through the different levels of folders.

For example, if you want to save a photo to your user folder, type /~/images. If you want to enter the “Documents” folder, enter /~/Documents. And start counting the seconds you save every time you need to save something in a far away folder.

Some readers have pointed out to us other great keyboard shortcuts that can save you a lot of time and hassle:

To jump directly to the desktop, press Command-D when the dialog box appears.

If you type ~, you will be taken directly to your user folder without pressing the slash first.

You can press the tab key to complete known paths without having to type the whole word.

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