Schüttflix: A platform for Sand and gravel makes a splash

Schüttflix: A platform for Sand and gravel makes a splash


How quickly a good digital business idea can bear fruit is shown by the example of the startup Schüttflix, which organizes all processes related to the delivery of bulk goods to construction sites. […]

Actually, the former Microsoft manager Christian Hülsewig wanted to buy bulk goods for his farm – sand, gravel, gravel, what you need for projects on the farm. But then the Trouble began. The deliveries were uncoordinated and untimely, it was hardly possible to calculate the prices and finally the building material was also unloaded incorrectly. Hülsewig listened and soon realized that things were not going better on other construction sites. The idea for the Startup Schüttflix was born.

The founder’s vision: a digital platform where ordering and delivering bulk goods should be as easy as a 1-click order on Amazon. In just four months, his team developed an agile app for employees on construction sites using the Scrum method. The functions for this were developed with the help of user interviews. Price comparison, the digital delivery note and the live tracking of the delivering truck were included, as well as the possibility to unload the bulk material in the right place in the absence of the client – a problem that was solved via photos.

With Schüttflix, the founder delighted the jury in the Digital Leader Award 2021 (DLA) competition: In a very short time, an open platform for all market participants with diverse functions was created. Gravel and sand suppliers have been given a new sales channel, hauliers can fill their order books with Schüttflix and working life has become easier for everyone who is employed on a construction site. No one has to fill in, collect and file delivery notes or call around to find out prices.

Hülsewig’s plan worked: What began in 2018 with a solution for small construction companies now also appeals to large corporations such as Strabag AG. More and more companies are processing their bulk orders via Schüttflix, and more than 2,500 partner companies are already registered.

“We work day after day towards the one goal, “says Hülsewig,” we want to make life as easy as possible for employees on construction sites, with strong digital processes.”In addition, the young team manages without internal hierarchies, the conviction of the common goal and a strong focus on customer needs are important. Everyone was dedicated to the topic of “Customer first”, a perfect user experience is what the developers are constantly doing.

“From the very beginning, we have been involved with excavator and truck drivers, talked to construction managers and optimized the app to meet their needs,” says the founder. More than a third of the now 100-strong team works in the field and moves in high-visibility vests and safety shoes on the construction sites. Always on: the Smartphone with the Schüttflix App.

With the first Minimum Viable Product (MVP), the team went live after just four months, from which point on the app – based on user feedback – was constantly improved. “We develop Schüttflix in sprints in order to be able to absorb changes without further ado and inject new impulses,” says Hülsewig.

In the meantime, there are a number of customers who purchase their bulk goods to a large extent via the digital platform, including large corporations. “Our platform creates price transparency and offers companies completely new sales opportunities,” says the founder. However, the digital solution was not the only decisive factor for success. “If you want to digitize one of the most analog industries in Germany, you must be constantly on site and with the construction manager per Du.“

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