Science Awards from TÜV Austria

Science Awards from TÜV Austria

On the occasion of its tenth anniversary, TÜV AUSTRIA #WIPREIS IO recorded a submission record with a total of 127 applications. […]

The 10th TÜV AUSTRIA Science Award took place on November 18, 2021 in the Kuppelsaal of the TU Wien. (c) Saskia Jonasch/TÜV AUSTRIA

On the evening of November 18, the prizes in the three main categories and the audience prizes were awarded as part of a gala evening, which on the one hand took place live in the Kuppelsaal of the Vienna University of Technology and could be followed in the livestream. Federal President Alexander Van der Bellen’s message was recorded via video link, ORF journalist and author Lisa Gadenstätter led the evening as a presenter.

Sustainable innovations of the future

Numerous submitted projects deal with the topics of sustainability, automation and mobility. Many of them are based on already well-known technologies and go one step further: “The #WIPREIS submissions in the anniversary year show how crises are also the driving force behind continuous development and how mobile and digital evolution is fueled by action and reaction – both in private and in professional life,” says TÜV AUSTRIA CEO Stefan Haas, who is proud of the next generation of engineers and a whole generation of ambitious researchers: “Over the past ten years, 1,000 participants have shown that people and the focus is clearly on the sustainable future”.

3D printing, tunnel drone and QR codes on the rise

In the category “Universities / Universities of Applied Sciences”, Matthias Katschnig from the Montanuniversität Leoben prevailed against strong scientific competition with his dissertation on tailor–made implants at the push of a button – produced directly in the clinic. His interdisciplinary work combines mechanical engineering, digitization, materials technology, certification / testing methods and medicine in a productive way and is an important basis for further work in the field of additively produced plastic implants. Katschnig’s results are currently being evaluated in the CAMed project at LKH Graz.

Two teams of maturants were delighted to receive the TÜV AUSTRIA Science Award in the category “HTL theses”. The diploma thesis projects of Andreas Maier, Gabriel Tanner and Gilbert Tanner from the HTL Klagenfurt Mössingerstraße (Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering), as well as Lukas Frisch, Dominik Jerey, Luca Jörg, Emanuel Ladinig and Daniel Morak from the HTL Klagenfurt Lastenstraße (mechanical engineering) deal with the development of a rail-guided tunnel drone for ASFINAG in addition to each other and thus created a big plus in terms of safety for rescue workers and Drivers in dangerous situations in road tunnels.

This year’s award in the “Company” category went to the transmission system operator Austrian Power Grid AG from Vienna. APG equipped its electricity pylon network with QR codes that enable communication between passers-by and the grid operator in a matter of seconds in emergency situations. In addition, APG developed a new mobile application that safely and quickly alerts emergency blue light organizations.

The audience awards go to Upper Austria and Burgenland

By means of online voting, three other projects were again awarded the TÜV AUSTRIA Audience Award this year. In the category “Universities / Universities of Applied Sciences”, the graduate of the Johannes Kepler University Linz, Helga Ludwig, secured the victory. In her master’s thesis on antibody classification based on amino acid sequences, she investigates and compares different machine learning and deep learning methods and thus contributes significantly to progress in biology and medicine.

A team from the HTL Eisenstadt was ahead in the audience category “HTL theses”. Angelina Berthold, Jorkim Sorko and Benjamin Werdenich, who graduated in flight technology this year, researched in the course of their diploma thesis to what extent solar cells can be used to increase the range of an unmanned aircraft in the transport sector. For this purpose, they developed a new type of aircraft that can transport the largest possible payload and is optimized for the efficient use of a solar cell system.

View Promotion GmbH scored highly in the “Company” category. The Upper Austrian team led by Managing Directors Johannes Schober and Günter Baca developed a safety system for elevators. The emergency call button becomes superfluous. The autonomous and barrier-free emergency call detects emergency situations and automatically requests help. Using depth sensors and artificial intelligence, medical emergencies, unaccompanied objects, vandalism and assaults are detected around the clock.

1000 Applicants showed a spirit of research and innovation

With the TÜV AUSTRIA #WIPREIS IO, which has been awarded annually since 2012, TÜV AUSTRIA, as an internationally active Austrian group of companies, is actively contributing to strengthening awareness of the spirit of research and innovation and the high quality of domestic engineering. In the ten years of its existence, a total of 610 projects were submitted by more than 1000 applicants. There were awards for 15 master’s theses, diploma theses and dissertations, 14 HTL theses and 12 corporate projects.

Application deadline for the eleventh edition starts

As it is known that after the Science Prize is before the Science Prize, from now on you can by the end of the application deadline on July 31, 2022, HTL theses, diploma theses, master theses and dissertations as well as forward-looking projects from companies will be submitted. The TÜV AUSTRIA Science Award is endowed with 8,000 euros for the best diploma thesis/ master thesis/dissertation, 5,000 euros for the best HTL thesis and 2,000 euros for a technically innovative company project.

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