SEC Consult ranks among the best employers in Austria


In both Austria and Germany, the cyber and application security consulting firm in the DACH region has not only been certified as a “Great Place to Work” in 2021, but has also emerged from the Great Place to Work competition as one of the best employers in several categories. […]

Markus Robin, Managing Director SEC Consult Germany (c) SEC Consult

The strict auditing of the personnel culture takes place within the framework of a trust Index survey of the employees, who assess their work environment according to the values of credibility, respect, fairness, pride and team spirit. In this way, the company learns how employees perceive their situation at the workplace and how they are embedded in the team. In addition, in the so-called Culture Audit, the management provides information on concepts, measures and programs in the personnel area, the measures implemented by the management are then assessed by Great Place to Work.

Strong outstaffing employee loyalty

SEC Consult took fifth place in the “Small” category in Austria. The team members rated it particularly positively, that sufficient scope for independent and solution-oriented work is made possible. They also see good opportunities to develop individually through an open and fair corporate culture. The high level of trust placed by management in the SEC-Consult team contributes significantly to the above-average retention of employees in the company, which was confirmed during the survey.

“Cybersecurity is a highly exciting but also particularly challenging subject that requires great technical knowledge and excellent communication skills,” says Ulrich Fleck, Managing Director of SEC Consult Austria. “We need excellent experts and must of course also offer them the appropriate environment in which they feel comfortable, are challenged in a positive sense and can develop their full potential. The fact that we have now received such a good certificate from our employees is a great pleasure for us and confirms us on this path.“

SEC Consult Germany top in team spirit and open-door policy

SEC Consult Germany even scored three times: thanks to the positive assessment of its employees, the company secured a place among the best employers in the categories of “small and medium-sized enterprises” and “ICT” as well as in the Berlin-Brandenburg region, where the cybersecurity specialist was ranked fifth as well as its Viennese colleagues. Some of the many reasons for the top ranking were the cohesion in the team, the lived openness and the support for further training measures.

Markus Robin, Managing Director of SEC Consult Germany, is particularly pleased with this assessment: “We are very proud that our employees have expressed so much trust, especially in the challenging year of the corona pandemic. Even though many of our team members are used to mobile working, it was stressful for many in such an extreme form. But the team spirit has grown even stronger and is proof that an appreciative interaction with each other is also possible in virtual space. However, we will never rest on our laurels – especially in areas where there is still room for improvement, we will make a special effort and also follow the recommendations of the Great Place to Work Institute.“

Overview: Austria’s Best Employers 2021

Category X-SMALL (20-49 employees):

  1. Place: Immobilien Scout Österreich GmbH
  2. Place: Insight Technology Solutions GmbH
  3. Place: MOSTLY AI Solutions MP GmbH
  4. Place: GEKKO it-solutions GmbH
  5. Place: VBV-Vorsorgekasse AG
  6. Place: WELEDA Ges.M. B. H. & amp; Co KG
  7. Place: PhiAcademy GmbH

Category: SMALL (50-99 employees):

  1. Place: Campaigning Bureau
  2. Place: Almdudler-Lemonade A&S Klein GmbH & amp; Co KG
  3. Place: unit-IT Dienstleistungs GmbH & amp; Co KG
  4. Place: Sparkasse Bregenz Bank AG
  5. Place: SEC Consult Unternehmensberatung GmbH
  6. Place: Novo Nordisk Pharma GmbH
  7. Place: WIFI Kärnten GmbH

Category MEDIUM (100-249 employees):

  1. Place: Amgen GmbH
  2. Place: Smarter Ecommerce GmbH
  3. Place: AbbVie GmbH
  4. Place: Fraunhofer Austria Research GmbH
  5. Place: addIT Dienstleistungen GmbH & amp; Co KG
  6. Place: LGT Bank AG, Branch office Austria
  7. Place: Schwabe Austria GmbH
  8. Place: MediaShop GmbH
  9. Place: asma gmbh
  10. Place: Gebrüder Limmert Aktiengesellschaft
  11. Place: W. E. B. Windenergie AG
  12. Place: EHL Immobilien GmbH

Category LARGE (250-499 employees):

  1. Place: willhaben internet service GmbH & amp; Co KG
  2. Place: Biogena Group
  3. Place: Hilton
  4. Place: Hilti Austria Ges.m. b. H.
  5. Place: Worthington Cylinders GmbH
  6. Place: wedify GmbH
  7. Place: Rustler Group

Category X-LARGE (more than 500 employees):

  1. Place: OMICRON electronics GmbH
  2. Place: DHL
  3. Place: Lidl Österreich GmbH
  4. Place: Haberkorn GmbH
  5. Place: Jugend am Werk Steiermark GmbH
  6. Place: Takeda Austria
  7. Place: VERBUND AG

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