Security Awards: SonicWall honors its most successful partners

Security Awards: SonicWall zeichnet seine erfolgreichsten Partner aus

With its Security Awards, SonicWall honors important partners and distributors in the EMEA region for their special contribution to protecting against cybercrime. The award highlights companies that, in addition to providing cyber security solutions, provided SonicWall customers with outstanding service and advice in 2021.

From a large pool of nominees, one partner per region was selected in each category, which is awarded for its outstanding achievements. The selection was based on factors such as annual turnover, portfolio distribution, online activities, project success rate and certification level, as well as the level of commitment and feedback from the team.

“SonicWall’s success has always depended on the delivery of highly efficient security solutions by its valued partners and distributors,” said SonicWall Vice President EMEA, Terry Greer-King. “We are very pleased to recognize outstanding SonicWall SecureFirst partners who provide world-class security services to companies of all sizes. We value the loyal relationships we have built with our partners and customers – and this award should be a sign of recognition for their excellent work.“

The winners of other regions and additional information can be found in this Sonicwall blog post.

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