SentinelOne announces the integration of Zscaler

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End-to-end transparency

Simplifying the implementation of XDR and Zero Trust

SentinelOne, the company with the leading autonomous cyber security platform, announces a new integration with ZscalerTM to simplify enterprise security and enable improved end-to-end visibility, automated responses and conditional access. Together, SentinelOne and Zscaler provide advanced threat detection and remediation across networks, endpoints, and cloud applications, simplifying the adoption and enforcement of zero trust policies to ensure the security of users, devices, and applications.

Joint solution improves contextual awareness and provides increased SOC efficiency, optimized workflows and improved threat protection

The joint solution enables Singularity XDR to record Zscaler data, providing end-to-end transparency. The integrated security solution provides SOC teams with contextualized data about abnormal activities, thus speeding up the investigation and selection of threats. Analysts benefit from Singularity XDR’s automatic and manual response measures, which limit an attacker’s ability to sneak in and launch an attack.

“Today’s security challenges require a comprehensive defense,” says John McLeod, CISO at NOV. “SentinelOne and Zscaler are key components in our security stack that help us improve our overall security posture. Together, Singularity XDR and Zscaler automate the triage and investigation functions in the SOC and enable a small team to respond quickly and accurately to threats.“

The joint solution also strengthens zero trust frameworks with automated policy orchestration. Coordinated user access control via the Zscaler Zero Trust ExchangeTM provides secure conditional access to private and SaaS applications with device health data from SentinelOne.

“In a world where hybrid working is becoming the norm, eliminating the silos of security solutions is the key to implementing zero Trust from the endpoint to the applications,” says Amit Raikar, VP Technology Alliances and Business Development at Zscaler. “The new cloud-to-cloud integration with SentinelOne, based on demand and feedback from our customers, provides a cross-platform overview of threats and API automation for a faster and more effective response. In combination with the earlier integration of access control for device management, we are strengthening our zero trust solution, which enables secure working from anywhere.“

“This integration is the result of a symbiotic relationship between Zscaler and SentinelOne,” says Yonni Shelmerdine, VP Product Management at SentinelOne . “With the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange, which feeds data into our Threat Analytics cloud, and our XDR platform, which triggers response actions in Zscaler, decisions are made with additional context and speed. The joint solution offers users Zero Trust, supported by XDR, and contributes to making the world a safer place.“

As attack vectors multiply due to hybrid work models and BYOD programs, organizations are struggling to protect a growing number of vulnerable assets both inside and outside the traditional network perimeter. Security teams are still working with tools and data that operate in silos, preventing proper context and comprehensive understanding. The SentinelOne Zscaler integration simplifies enterprise security across the entire network, from the endpoint to the cloud.

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