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Live platform for corporate data

SentinelOne, the company with the leading autonomous cyber security platform, announces the launch of DataSet, the provider’s new data analytics solution. Building on the acquisition of Scalyr, DataSet expands the application possibilities in the field of cyber security and offers a comprehensive data platform for live data queries, analyses, insights and storage.

Security vendor leverages data expertise to help organizations of all sizes capture, store, and understand real–time data – even beyond cybersecurity use cases

SentinelOne’s Singularity XDR platform is specifically designed for autonomous defense against security threats by addressing cybersecurity as a data issue. Datasets feed AI models that immediately determine whether a behavior is benign or malignant. Individual data points that are automatically linked deliver machine-generated, contextualized reports across the entire company that provide transparency and response. EDR and XDR queries provide curated datasets for Threat Hunter to stay one step ahead of attackers. Every aspect of autonomous cybersecurity is underpinned by data expertise. The way to deliver market-leading autonomous cybersecurity is by processing petabytes of data that are growing exponentially – in real time.

“To be effective, cybersecurity has to make autonomous decisions in fractions of a second, because every millisecond counts. The way SentinelOne solves cybersecurity with data has inspired us to apply our expertise beyond cybersecurity to a wide range of enterprise use cases,” says Tomer Weingarten, CEO of SentinelOne . “Our enterprise customers have the same data requirements as SentinelOne – the ability to understand and process live datasets in the shortest possible time. We are now introducing DataSet because we are convinced that every company benefits from the opportunity to understand and react to its data. An instant, user-friendly and efficient understanding of a data set is the key to making better business decisions.”

DataSet is a cloud-native, flexible enterprise data platform designed for all types of data – current or past, on a petabyte scale. By eliminating data schema requirements in the ingestion process and index constraints in the query, DataSet can process huge amounts of live data in real time and provide log management, data analysis and alerts with unprecedented speed, performance and efficiency on a foundation that prioritizes security and privacy.

Moving into the data-driven age

“Distributed cloud infrastructures and containerized applications contribute to a huge amount of fast-moving data. The amount of data generated in the next three years will be greater than the total amount of data generated in the last 30 years combined,” says Stephen Elliot, Group VP, Research IT, Cloud Operations and DevOps at IDC. “The ability to analyze data cost-effectively and on a large scale is becoming a necessity for any business.”

Companies such as Asana, Copart, TomTom and DoorDash have chosen DataSet to analyze all types of data over an unlimited time horizon – both for streaming and historical data. CTOs, CIOs, engineering and IT operations teams choose DataSet as a replacement for Elastic and Splunk to leverage the power of their data. Legacy data solutions are expensive, slow, and unable to keep up with business and technological demands in real time. In the age of data definition, the companies that are able to use their data most effectively are winning in their respective markets.

Comments on the market launch of DataSet

“With DataSet, our engineering, infrastructure and security teams have a single source of truth to make data-driven decisions. We no longer need to merge the context across teams and use cases,” says Joshua Danielson, Chief Information Security Officer at Copart. “DataSet allows us to act on the basis of data, reduce the time for detecting and fixing anomalies, and maintain the security situation.”

“Before DataSet, there was no centralized log management at TomTom due to the different technologies. Searching in various tools has hindered us, especially in case of incidents,” says Carl Meert, Product Manager SRE and Observability at TomTom. “DataSet unifies all our data from all sources. We are now able to detect and respond to incidents much faster.”

Experience the DataSet

With the launch of DataSet, SentinelOne has Rahul Ravulur appointed Head of DataSet. He has more than 25 years of experience in the development and operation of enterprise products on a large scale, most recently as Product Manager at Splunk. Ravulur will lead the DataSet business to accelerate market penetration at leading data-driven companies.

“SentinelOne is taking a bold step to bring its data expertise to the outside world and help all companies unlock the potential of their data,” Ravulur said. “With the introduction of DataSet, we are helping companies overcome the slow and costly legacy platforms that cannot meet the scaling requirements of tomorrow. DataSet is designed for the future of data access and use.”

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