SentinelOne provides AI-powered vulnerability assessment and remediation

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Singularity Vulnerability Mapping: Autonomous assessment and remediation of vulnerabilities

SentinelOne, the company with the leading autonomous cybersecurity platform, announces Singularity Vulnerability Mapping, which enables vulnerability assessment, prioritization and remediation at machine speed. The tool leverages Ivanti and Singularity XDR’s unified IT platform to provide security teams with autonomous scanning capabilities that allow them to gain visibility into the entire corporate network and eliminate threats with a single click.

Today, security teams are confronted with more and more vulnerabilities – both in software and hardware – and with an enormous amount of patches. The critical security incidents Log4j and ProxyLogon show that attackers are able to exploit known vulnerabilities to compromise corporate networks faster than ever before. The growing threat situation presents security and infrastructure teams with ever greater challenges when it comes to successfully minimizing corporate risk. This requires effective technology that gives security teams an edge over complex vulnerabilities.

“Companies need a holistic vulnerability management solution that starts at the endpoint,” says Mike Petronaci, VP Platform at SentinelOne. “IT and security teams have been working with a slow, gradual approach for a long time, and now the shift to remote work has led to the fact that traditional network-based scanning technologies are even less effective.”

The new approach combines SentinelOne Ranger’s IoT network detection with Storyline Active Response (STAR) automated search, detection and threat response to enable patch prioritization.

“Singularity Vulnerability Mapping allowed us to consolidate the number of tools we use for our patching program,” says Stacie Dennison, System Security Manager and Vice President at Woodforest Bank. “Our use of Singularity XDR is constantly evolving and we are being offered additional features that allow us to do more in one place while improving our security posture. The efficient identification and correction of vulnerabilities with Singularity XDR is a decisive step forward.”
It uses a patented behavior-based AI that replaces traditional vulnerability analysis tools with a single agent that is integrated directly into the XDR platform. In addition, patch detection is enabled, as well as the ability to reset patches, so that security teams can easily undo unauthorized changes.

“Given the ever-evolving attack landscape, outdated products hinder the effectiveness of security teams,” says Nir Montag, Product Director at SentinelOne . “Today’s security teams are striving for automation and consolidation of functions. The new tool enables security teams to achieve more at machine speed and continuously identify vulnerabilities and fix threats.”

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