SEO trends 2020: what remains and becomes important

SEO trends 2020: what remains and becomes important

Knowing the most important SEO trends doesn’t necessarily mean you have an advantage. Because many website operators still neglect the basic tasks of good search engine optimization. What will remain important in 2020 and will also be important.

The search is changing – all the time. But essentially the intention of Google has been clear for a long time: show the user the best possible results and thus – according to the search engine giant – “offer an optimal and unique experience”. It is not for nothing that the modern translation of SEO is now “Search Experience Optimization”.

Whereas in the past you could improve search results with tricks and manipulative techniques for your own benefit, SEO has now become much more complex and holistic. What some decision-makers understand by classic search engine optimization is only the tip of the iceberg. Adjacent disciplines such as UX design and conversion optimization have just as much influence on SEO success as a modern, fast and secure technical infrastructure. Instead of looking unfiltered for potential trends, this year, like next, should be about focusing on the measures that are the greatest levers for SEO.

If you want to permanently occupy the top positions in Google search, you should first devote yourself to market conditions. Specifically, it is advisable to take a look at the current top results and critically examine the competitors represented there. To evaluate the ranking chances of your own website, two main criteria are decisive:

  • Credibility and trustworthiness
  • Content and offer relevance

Why trustworthiness and trustworthiness? Back in 2008, Eric Schmidt, the former CEO of Google, said: “Brands are the solution.” Family duel ”tradition would ask 100 people from which providers a particular product or service should preferably be obtained. If your own website is not mentioned here, you will possibly fight against windmills. If the topic is too hotly contested and the competition in terms of backlink popularity is unattainable, the keyword strategy should be reconsidered.

A provider like “comma-store” has better chances for the keyword “sporty clothes” than for the much more generic keyword “clothes”. (Screenshots: Google)

A provider like “comma-store” has better chances for the keyword “sporty clothes” than for the much more generic keyword “clothes”. (Screenshots: Google)

In the “fashion” sector in particular, the number of manufacturer brands and retailers is almost infinite. For a rather unknown brand, it is simply impossible to rank for a generic term like “clothes”. Even pure link building can only lead to limited success here. Instead, providers should check whether they can occupy a certain niche that fits the range of services and the brand’s image. For a provider like, a keyword focus on “sporty clothes” is much more productive than the generic generic term “clothes”.

More success through the dovetailing of SEA and SEO measures – with the new guide from t3n and morefire! This way:

Why content and offer relevance? Landing pages must also meet user expectations in terms of content. The latest Google updates have consistently targeted user intent. Therefore, outstaffing search engine optimizers should always compare websites for each keyword with the top competitors on factors such as content orientation, content integration or product portfolio. Of course, there are separate ranking signals for each search query.

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