“Shadow Tactics”-a Board game on the goal line

Later than planned, the Board game should appear to Mimimis Stealth Game now in June 2021. Interested parties can get in via a new Kickstarter campaign. The latter is already funded.

Actually, the Board should appear in the game “Shadow Tactics” in December 2019. The stated manufacturer Antler Games in the former Kickstarter campaign. After more than a year of delay, the of June of this year, is now set as the new publication period. The time had been used for extensive improvements based on Fan Feedback, so Mimimi Games.

The announcement is accompanied by a new Kickstarter campaign, one of the team project support. The requested 6.046 dollars are entered into, already three times. Previous Backer will receive your copy as before. Regardless of all supporters will get the improved Version of the Board game.

“A big thank you to all of our original Backer of the trust in the Shadow Tactics: The Board Game’ in its early stage! In the new campaign, we present a revised game with a new Design and manufacture (Solo and Co-op) extension. We also offer some new aesthetic Add-Ons: – printed linen pouches, building Miniatures, and a Laser-cut wood Insert. Re-Backer will get a 5 Euro discount on these three Add-Ons! Earlier Add-Ons are also available, if you have missed something in the original campaign,” said András Drozdy of Antler Games.

The Kickstarter page is here.

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