Sharp challenges viruses

Sharp challenges viruses

The pandemic caused by the coronavirus poses great challenges for society. To date, there have been few effective means against infection with aerosols, except for wearing masks. Sharp has developed the Air Purifier, a device that reduces the infectious virus particles in the air. […]

Sharp Electronics Austria, more known for products in the field of office solutions with MFPs, printers, visual solutions and notebooks under the Dynabook brand, is expanding its B2B portfolio with the Sharp Air Purifier with Plasmacluster technology. In the device, the airborne coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) is exposed to plasma cluster ions, which should subsequently achieve a reduction in infectious virus particles of around 90 percent.

The plasma cluster ion technology therefore enhances the mode of action of naturally occurring ions in the air. Thousands of positive and negative ions are released into the environment by the Sharp Air Purifiers and begin to act as invisible powerhouses in space. These combine with harmful air particles and break up their cell membrane. In this way, up to 99 percent of the pollutants can be removed from the room air.

Study proves effectiveness

However, the antiviral effectiveness of the air scrubbers is repeatedly questioned. In order to clarify the question” virus killer or marketing gag “in detail under current conditions on site, Sharp has sent two of its Air Purifier models to the” Austrian Research Institute for Chemistry & Technology (OFI) ” for virus testing. The effectiveness of the devices has now been confirmed there. “Right now, many suppliers of air purification devices promise clean indoor air. How effective these are, we can check at the OFI. The Sharp Air Purifier underwent a comprehensive test in our laboratory and achieved a disinfection effect of viruses of 99.86 percent, ” says OFI hygiene expert Gabriele Ettenberger“

“With the Air Purifier, Sharp has an effective device as a profound agent in the fight against viruses, bacteria and pollen in indoor air,” says Walter Kraus, Managing Director of Sharp Austria. With FK Austria Wien, Sharp has a prominent customer in the field of air purification. The football club uses Sharp Plasmacluster ion technology in the cabin of the fighting team.

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