Sidequest Media looks back on a successful 2020

The Agency had only been last year and already has a vast catalogue of known talents, which includes not least the US-Rapper T-Pain involved. For the future it has a lot of.

CEO, Shane Wilson is proud of what has been achieved by the Dedicated Team so far. (Image: Sidequest Media)

The importance of Influencers is overestimated in 2021, hardly more. Accordingly, management have established agencies for the representation of talents. One of them Sidequest Media. Although it was only in August 2020 evident, manages your Team for 40 worldwide well-known Internet personalities. In addition, it drove a significant number of around 90 Campaign.

The Rest of the field, you do not want to distinguish, among other things, by the fact that they treat their customers like any commodity, but as people, so Sidequest Media. It is important to you that you provide to the Service and not the other way around. Who comes at you, to receive fair pricing with no hidden clauses, and always in full control. Also, the remuneration should be fair and no monthly fees to get along.

“Our primary role as a Talent Management company is to regulate the Business side of Content Creation – that means we spend 90 percent of our time to review incoming requests to check the profitable business of options to gather the interest of the Talent, in the case of sponsors for more detailed information on request, prices gather together to review contracts, forward contract drawings in the ways to collect Assets to support Streams, reports, deploy, manage billing, payments, etc.”, it is from the side of the Sidequest Media.

This principle promises success, it has been shown since the Existence of the company. Recently Sidequest Media Nappy Boy Gaming was able to win, you can have a four-strong Team and is also part of U.S. Rapper T-Pain. In addition, the two German Sema and P4wnyhof are Recently under the Talent Agency, as well as Gorillaphanet. Two clients sit in addition, also in the Leaderboard of the company, Ellohime and Bajheera. However, it is emphasized that a knitted reigns equal treatment of all customers, no one will preferably and no one at a disadvantage.

With the course of the previous campaigns of Sidequest Media is very pleased. Recently, for example, T-Pain was among other things “Twitch Rivals Streamer Bowl II”. Client Fextralife streamed again with the developers of the “Baldur’s Gate” and “Wasteland 3”. Fextralife is also, and especially, in the Community and Wiki-the area of a respectable size. In addition, 3″, “Empire of Sin”, “Genshin Impact” and further ran over Sidequest Media campaigns to”Crusader Kings.

The Team’s CEO, Shane Wilson, COO Ben Camenker, Talent Manager Mike Thieling, the system-Responsible Tia Smith and the German Dennis Ronneberger, Head of EMEA, has made, in spite of the successful time so far more. 2021 is to expand the workforce and the customer base increases, there are more campaigns will be launched and especially the support of the Talent is to be driven further.

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