Skype for Business to retire on July 31

Skype for Business to retire on July 31

Microsoft is reminding Skype for Business users to switch to the successor Microsoft Teams by the end of the month. […]

As Microsoft already announced about two years ago, is now soon finished funny with Skype for Business. The Redmonders ask in a blog entry (engl.) the remaining Skype for Business online customers to switch to Microsoft Teams by the end of the month. Microsoft provides guidance to make switching easier . The private version of Skype is still usable and received a few new features, for example, in May 2020.

By the way, since May 2021, Microsoft Teams is also available for private users (PCtipp reported). The service is almost identical to the paid business variant. This means that private users can now also write messages, make video calls, and share calendars, location, or files with friends and family.

Read also our 8 tips for using via smartphone app as well as our article “How to get the most out of Microsoft Teams”. Tips and news about teams can be found here.

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