Smashing REvil will not solve the ransomware problem

Streaming-Dienste wieder verstärkt im Visier von Cyberkriminellen


Smashing REvil will not solve the ransomware problem

Comment by Christian Have, CTO, LogPoint

Christian Have, CTO at LogPoint

The malware industry is huge. Their internal economic and corporate structures are similar to those of a Fortune 500 company, with specific roles, responsibilities and business goals. In the past, threat actors have operated in isolation to a certain extent and have thus been spared police and intelligence investigations and penalties. The break-up of the REvil group by the Russian secret service FSB, with which it meets the US, represents a significant change and puts pressure on other well-known threat actors.

Although it is encouraging that cybercriminals are taking action, the problem with ransomware will not be solved by a tough approach against the threat actors. The sums in circulation are enormously high and companies are still paying a ransom. Rather, a process is started that creates a fragmented threat landscape. It was a boon for the cybersecurity industry that the very sophisticated groups used the same tactics over and over again, making it easier to track them down. Now this advantage threatens to disappear. Perhaps ransomware groups will be less sophisticated in the future if their economic system becomes decentralized. Nevertheless, there will be far more innovations, which will pose new challenges for cybersecurity experts in protecting organizations.

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