So you can optimize your Software projects

Digital Project Management So you can optimize your Software projects

Software projects can be a real challenge. You don’t have to. If you want to install resources smart and optimize work processes, the digital project management help.

All too often, Software projects, embedded employees lose time and/or costs.
All too often, Software projects, embedded employees lose time and/or costs.

Projects of all sizes and industries have one thing in common: time and money are your most important resource. Both are a good project planning and implementation are fundamental. However, in the case of projects, it quickly becomes complex: team members need to understand the objectives and tasks of the project accurately and effectively with colleagues and work together.

Here, it depends on several things – this is especially important the need to outsourcing work the steps and the project overview. When projects fail, it is often attributed to the fact that employees lose their cost and Budget from the point of view.

In order to gain a clear Overview of the use of many documents in Google Docs or tables in Excel. Especially in project management, the use of these Tools is often a common and intuitive solution. Nevertheless, the benefits of this tried and true options are limited, and often better Alternatives.

Projects to oversee and improve work processes

Basically, Excel, and Google Docs solid Tools for monitoring of projects. Versatile and flexible, accompany and support projects in various industries. However, once the requirements of a project increase, decrease their performance skills. While supporting the small and simple projects, you encounter more complex Problems to their limits.

Particularly IT projects need a Software, the phases of the project surveyed and controlled, in order to enable an efficient implementation of the project. In project management can be crucial to be able to project status Updates in real time. Deviations from the project plan and issues should also be immediately discovered and fought in order to guarantee the success of the project. Modern Tools make it possible to overlook the project in a whole and to capture the effectiveness of the team members. In addition, they offer the following advantages:

1. Detailed planning and project tracking

A clear project plan is the Foundation stone for a successful Software project. Understandable goals can be understood by employees and that it is intended. Duration, Budget, tasks, and cost of the project can be planned at the beginning of the project with a Software for time recording time of the track and over the entire duration of the project followed.

With traditional Tools, such as Excel, so planning is also possible in principle, but not practical. While Excel spreadsheets or templates are able to map these components that enable modern versions of a comparison of the resources used. Project progress can be surveyed by the activation of the follow-up concrete. The resulting Set is not pointing to the comparison of the state of an IT project, but also to its efficiency.

2. Accurate Project Time Recording

Successful Software projects require the use of a transparent work processes. During the project implementation, the project controlling is not appreciate it. The regular Monitoring of all the processes in the project is saved version with the well-known Tools such as Excel or Google Docs documents error time and money during the time vulnerable, allows a modern Tool for an accurate detection of the project times. In addition, to deal with the professional project management variant, the complexity of multi-project work – employees can simultaneously documenting project progress and see what makes the dynamic of Working in multiple projects.

3. Better communication and team work

The digitization of project management not only offers advantages in terms of individual work, but also improves the team’s work. The work coordinate steps of all employees effectively, and to see your progress, you need to project Manager in the various tasks, activities and Milestones view. The clear information about the current status of the project is for the success of a project is essential and gives the team a good basis for a good co-operation and transparent communication.

4. Clear Project Evaluations

Many projects fail because the project Manager to make an evaluation of your projects only at the end of the project. The well-known Excel table or Word document often serves only to document and logging of the project tasks, and provides no concrete evaluation of the Project progress. Those who want to get a insight into the current project status, is of the well-known project management tools to be disappointed.

Many managers sleepy countless indicators and need to be at the end with mediocre or even poor project results. Such cases are an example of poor Management. Those who are open to a digitized and automated project management, in a timely manner to identify problem areas and expensive mistakes can be avoided.


Ivana Spiridonovic

Ivana Spiridonovic

(Image: Time Track)

Software projects and their Management is a complex task. To overcome this, should the project Manager to ensure that all work is documented. At the same time you can see how team members ‘ time and ensure that all have enough room to Work.

With modern project management solution you can take for yourself and your employees a lot of Frustration and both satisfaction and productivity, always increase. You can use the time invested, and your other Assets in an effective and ensure that the work process and the implementation of the project run smoothly.

* Ivana Spiridonovic is a trained economist and has been working for several years in the IT sector as a Digital Marketing Specialist at time track.


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