Sony finally unveils the design of the PlayStation VR2

Sony finally unveils the design of the PlayStation VR2

After a year of teasing, Sony finally unveils this February 22, 2022 the final look of the PlayStation VR 2, the virtual reality headset that will accompany the PlayStation 5 as a premium accessory. The console manufacturer first presented the controllers for the device in March 2021, and then revealed its technical characteristics last month.

In a blog post, the company explains that it has chosen a rounded design to better fit the shapes of the face, like its DualSense controllers and its Pulse 3D audio headset. An appearance that also symbolizes the freedom to see 360 ° around you.

Maximize the comfort of use
A particular effort has been made in terms of ergonomics, for long-term comfort of use, which includes both a dial to adjust the distance of the lenses from the face (a system already present on the first PSVR) but also an adjustment of the interpupillary gap which the first model was not equipped with and which allows greater comfort for certain morphologies.

The headset is more compact and even a little lighter than its predecessor, which was not obvious given that it now incorporates a haptic engine, Sony recalls. It also has a cooling system that extracts air from the area in contact with the face in order to keep it cool and prevent fogging (and excessive sweating of the user). This is apparently the aspect that Yujin Morisawa, the art director at Sony who led the design of the product, is most proud of.

The release date and price of the PlayStation VR2 have not yet been announced, but its arrival on the market is likely to be at the end of the year. Its cost remains the last major element not to be known, and it is not the least because it will be a determining factor for the adoption of this accessory by PlayStation 5 owners. Especially since he will have to deal with the Meta Quest 2, which is sold at an aggressive price and whose success in recent months has become undeniable.

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