Sony officially reveals PlayStation VR 2 along with its specifications and the first exclusive

Sony CES 2022 PlayStation VR 2

Rumored and desired for months, one of the great surprises of Sony during its press conference at CES 2022 was without a doubt the first official PlayStation VR 2 preview, that with beyond the confirmation of its existence and name, left us with the first official details about the features and capabilities of the future generation of virtual reality of its console.

As the company later explained in a post on its official blog, the hardware will arrive intended for its direct compatibility with the PS5, having christened the new controllers PSVR 2 Sense, similar in spirit to the new console’s DualSense controllers.

So, this virtual reality viewer promises to have unique vibratory feedback and drivers with advanced haptics, together with eye tracking, 110 degree field of view and FOV rendering (a technology that focuses only on where the fovea of the eye is looking to maximize resolution, getting more graphics with fewer pixels.)

All supported by OLED displays with a resolution of 2,000 x 2,040 pixels per eye, with frame rates of 90 Hz and 120 Hz, and a field of view of 110 degrees. Moreover, this device will come equipped are its own integrated 3D audio system with vibration in the headset; in addition to the presence of four external cameras to improve tracking.

Although this was not the only novelty. And it is that these details of the PlayStation VR 2 came along with an even more unexpected news: the revelation of Horizon: Call of the Mountain, the first exclusive game for this virtual reality system, which as its name and its small teaser point out, will be set in the primitive-futuristic world of Aloy.

Unfortunately, only a few seconds of the game have been shown, so for the moment there are doubts about whether it will be a game itself, or if on the contrary it will focus on an immersive experience of visual exploration.

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