Sophos Cybersecurity Best Practices: Protect Yourself from Modern Cyberattacks

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Sophos Cybersecurity Best Practices: Protect Yourself from Modern Cyberattacks

Sophos Best Practices Kit

Cybercriminals are becoming more sophisticated and do not shy away from anything and anyone. Take advantage of Sophos’ best practices Kit and turn the right screws to stay one step ahead of cybercriminals!

The Sophos Cybersecurity Best Practices Kit helps you develop sustainable IT security strategies:

  • Gain detailed insights into the current situation around the topics of phishing and ransomware
  • Learn how to develop your own incident response plan
  • Use Sophos best practices to configure your endpoint and firewall solution

The Cybersecurity Best Practices Kit includes:

Phishing Report 2021

Learn how IT professionals around the world see phishing and what tips they should heed.

Endpoint Protection Best Practices to Defend Against Ransomware

How to configure your endpoint protection solution for optimal protection.

Firewall Best Practices to Defend against Ransomware

To configure your firewall and network for maximum protection.

Ransomware Report 2021

Gain new insights into the frequency and impact of ransomware.

Incident Response Guide

To create an incident response plan against cyber attacks.

Four Insider Tips from Incident Response Experts

Rules every team should follow when responding to cybersecurity incidents.


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