Stopping DDoS attacks: Plusnet opts for Juniper Networks and Corero

DDoS-Angriffe stoppen: Plusnet entscheidet sich für Juniper Networks und Corero

DDoS Protection

Automated DDoS attack defense protects the Plusnet network from outages

Juniper Networks (NYSE: JNPR), one of the leading providers of secure and AI-driven networks, has acquired Plusnet, a communications and networking services company for 25,000 companies in Germany, as a customer for Juniper and Corero’s DDoS protection solution. The aim is to protect Plusnet’s infrastructure, business and customers.

Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks have always been part of the threat landscape, but their frequency, scale, and sophistication continue to grow. Plusnet, which covers 200 cities and regions in Germany, previously relied on an internal data filtering solution to analyze anomalies in traffic patterns. However, this internal solution required manual intervention, which was neither practical nor effective, as overall attacks increased and evolved. As a result, the company needed automated DDoS mitigation with effective, dynamic, and scalable protection to protect its network from attack-related outages.


  • Plusnet took an active approach to DDoS mitigation with Juniper Networks ‘ and Corero’s shared DDoS Protection, which provides real-time detection and line-rate mitigation of DDoS attacks. This identifies and blocks massive attacks within seconds.
  • The common solution removes malicious traffic at the entrance to the network and thus as close as possible to the source. Thus, it provides fast and effective protection at low cost.
  • Juniper Networks ‘ MX Series universal routing platforms work with the Corero SmartWall Threat Defense Detector to quickly and accurately identify attacks and automate your defenses. The analytics and continuous monitoring provide IT security professionals with a comprehensive view of data patterns and anomalies.
  • In view of increasing DDoS attacks, it is possible to extend the protection capacity of this solution to a multiple of 10 terabits per second.


Ralf Weber, Head of Competence Center Network & amp; Security, Plusnet: “During the testing phase of the Juniper Corero solution, we were able to observe a manageable number of DDoS attacks. With the solution, we are able to further improve network protection without significantly affecting network performance.“

Steffen Gienger, Senior Director, Service Provider Sales, EMEA, Juniper Networks: “To provide a reliable user experience, service providers must ensure business operations without downtime. With the proactive approach and full automation of DDoS attack mitigation, Plusnet ensures that operations are fully protected 24/7 against the ever-present and growing risk of business disruption and blackmail.“

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