Study: One in ten solves IT problems in the home office on their own

Study: One in ten solves IT problems in the home office on their own


G DATA study shows: In small companies there is a lack of support in critical situations on the computer. […]

Since the beginning of the pandemic, significantly more people have been working from home. However, what benefits one’s own health also poses risks for IT, as the current study “Cybersecurity in Numbers” by G DATA CyberDefense shows. In critical situations on the Internet, some employees act negligently in the home office and thus endanger the IT security of the entire company.

How do employees react to critical situations on the Internet when they work from home? This question has been investigated in the current study “Cybersecurity in Numbers” by G DATA CyberDefense in cooperation with Statista. The result is alarming: more than 11 percent of respondents who work exclusively in their home office are trying to solve the problem themselves, despite uncertainties. In smaller companies with fewer than 50 employees, the proportion is even higher. More than 13 percent act on their own – without the appropriate know-how.

“Anyone who tries to solve a suspicious situation on their own computer in the home office is ill-advised and may endanger the IT security of the entire company,” says Tim Berghoff, Security Evangelist at G DATA CyberDefense. “It is better to seek expert advice immediately. Because the IT team recognizes whether there is a cyber attack behind the unusual behavior or just a configuration error or a missing update. Here, companies still have to do a lot of educational work to sensitize the workforce to such situations. Especially when home office becomes an integral part of working life.“

Addressing IT experts

As a rule, the contact persons can be found at the computer in the IT departments of the companies in suspicious situations – regardless of whether employees work in the office or from home. However, this possibility is highly dependent on the size of the company, as the survey shows. For example, almost 60 percent of respondents who work in a large company with more than 1,000 employees turn to their own IT department. In small companies with fewer than 50 employees, this figure is only 22 percent. It is obvious that there is no adequate contact person, especially in smaller companies. Therefore, employees are increasingly talking to their own boss (14 percent) or turning to an external service provider (10 percent).

Study “Cybersecurity in numbers” for download

“Cybersecurity in numbers” is characterized by a high information density and particular methodological depth: more than 5,000 employees in Germany were interviewed as part of a representative online study on cybersecurity in a professional and private context. The Statista experts conducted the survey and, thanks to a sample size that is far above the industry standard, can present reliable and valid market research results in the issue “Cybersecurity in numbers”.

The magazine “Cybersecurity in Numbers” is available for download here.

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