Tanium’s cloud-first platform provides visibility and Log4j correction

Zscaler und ServiceNow integrieren erweitertes Threat Detection und Response

Speed and flexibility – All roads lead to the cloud

Companies around the world gathered their IT resources to identify and fix the critical Log4J vulnerability with a CVSS score of 10. But Tanium Cloud, as the only multi-OS endpoint management and security platform that does not require any infrastructure, enabled customers to quickly introduce new features to fix the vulnerabilities and fend off a possible attack within a very short time. A steadily growing number of customers trust Tanium’s cloud-first platform. You have been able to convince yourself first-hand of the advantages in terms of speed and flexibility. It is not for nothing that Tanium reports an increase of more than 300 percent in cloud customers and thus also an increase in the use of its Reveal solution.

“For companies that want to improve their efficiency and increase transparency, outdated management systems are often the biggest problem,” explains Tanium Chief Product Officer Pete Constantine. “Tanium Cloud customers are no longer struggling with these limitations. By eliminating the infrastructure, you get valuable working time back and can thus use your IT staff elsewhere to fix possible vulnerabilities within hours and not days.“

Tanium Cloud provides the full power of Tanium’s endpoint management and security platform, managed and deployed over the cloud. Regardless of their size, companies can set up a platform with important IT operational, risk and security solutions within a few hours. Especially at a time when the workforce is increasingly hybrid, it is advantageous to install these security functions without having to install software or rely on virtual or physical servers.

“More and more companies are moving towards a cloud-first approach and have to meet requirements from an operational and security point of view in order to get a complete overview of their endpoints,” says Stefan Molls, RVP – Product SME / Risk & Security at Tanium. “By making it easy to deploy via the cloud, Tanium is becoming the solution that allows companies to gain full control and transparency over their endpoints, thus replacing insufficient individual solutions in their entire operational and standard repertoire.“

Thanks to the proactive approach of the Tanium endpoint management and security platform from the cloud, companies can continue to monitor their entire network in real time, with the advantage of easy deployment, automatic configuration and maintenance via the cloud. In this way, the entire IT infrastructure can not only be completely monitored, but also possible vulnerabilities such as Log4j can be quickly and easily detected and remedied. After all, a secure corporate network starts at the endpoint.

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