Technologies for a better world

Technologies for a better world


At this year’s SAP customer conference SAPPHIRE NOW-which is being held for the second time as an online event due to the COVID pandemic-CEO Christian Klein will announce technology and solutions in his keynote that make companies more resilient and efficient, while at the same time enabling a more sustainable economy. […]

"This year has shown more than clearly how important it is to belong to communities", SAP CEO Christian Klein announces the establishment of the world

SAP CEO Christian Klein takes the fact that the pandemic has provided an enormous boost to digitization and dramatically changed the business world – not only in Germany, but worldwide – as the starting point for his keynote. After RISE with SAP was launched in January 2021, Klein will focus on three areas that form the foundation of SAP announcements at this year’s SAPPHIRE NOW:

1.) The most resilient companies are those that are also transforming digitally. Simply migrating to the cloud, using a cloud infrastructure and not really digitizing the central business processes is not yet a digital transformation, as Klein and Julia White, Chief Marketing and Solutions Officer at SAP since 2021, and SAP co-founder and Chairman of the Supervisory Board Hasso Plattner repeatedly emphasize in the further course of the keynote. Opening up to new business models requires courage and means leaving the familiar paths and processes, says Klein.

2) In a connected world, no company operates alone. The pandemic has clearly shown how important it is to have all the information about the supply chain in real time and transparently at all times.

3) Sustainable management is becoming more and more an issue, which is why SAP is committed to the goals of zero emissions, zero Waste, zero inequality. The company wants to make the carbon footprint visible along the supply chain, as well as compliance with human rights among suppliers.

SAP creates world’s largest business network

Building on these points, Klein has announced the establishment of business communities and the expansion of this business network with new industry solutions for more sustainable business. The new SAP Business Network will bring together the Ariba Network, the SAP Logistics Business Network and the SAP Asset Intelligence Network under one roof and create the world’s largest business community of 5.5 million companies. The pandemic period has ” clearly shown how important it is to belong to communities,” says Christian Klein. Members of the new SAP Business Network will be able to access it via a central, unified portal. There you have a complete overview of the companies in your logistics chain, your logistics and supply flows, plant management and maintenance.

As I said, in the pandemic, resilient companies-keyword resilience-were in demand. So that every company can develop into a so-called intelligent company, SAP RISE with SAP transformation packages for specific industries has now been announced. Like RISE with SAP, the new offering also offers Business Transformation as a Service. Initially, SAP will focus on five industry-specific cloud solutions for retail, consumer goods, automotive, utilities and machinery, equipment and component manufacturing, as Julia White explains, but this will later be expanded to about 20 industries.

To introduce sustainability as a core business process, SAP has introduced a portfolio of new sustainability – specific products, including SAP Responsible Design and Production (which helps product designers make sustainable decisions-from initial product concept to production), SAP Product Footprint Management (which tracks sustainability across the entire product lifecycle), and SAP Sustainability Control Tower (which provides end-to-end visibility across organizations).

SAP co-founder and Chairman of the Supervisory Board Hasso Plattner in conversation with Julia White, Chief Marketing and Solutions Officer at SAP. (c) Screenshots of the Keynote / COMPUTER WORLD

Sustainable innovations for companies

In addition, SAP has announced further planned innovations at Sapphire Now to help companies modernize and digitize their business processes. The highlights are:

– Business Process Intelligence (BPI) solutions now offer SAP Process Insights, with which companies can analyze and improve their real business processes. The first strategic partners are EY, Deloitte and Infosys Limited, who work with SAP’s BPI portfolio to help companies transform.

– Verify, a new feature from SAP Concur, simplifies invoice verification with artificial intelligence and machine learning: The new Verify feature is a service from SAP Concur and uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to automatically detect potential problems and discrepancies in expense reports. The AI models are based on the analysis of more than $ 1 trillion in travel expenses and many millions of expense receipts. Verify is able to approve expense reports that have no problems and at the same time point out irregularities to be checked by the auditor. Through this AI-powered process, auditors don’t waste time reviewing expense reports that comply with travel expense policies and can more easily discover compliance issues or fraud.

– SAP Upscale Commerce is a no-code solution for online commerce that enables mid-sized retailers to create a seamless shopping experience across all channels within minutes. With the help of integrated artificial intelligence, retail companies can create personalized offers. The basis for this is sentiment analysis on social media and purchasing data, which provide a comprehensive picture of customers. Thanks to the headless API architecture, merchants can provide their customers with real-time information about their purchase and delivery across all channels. SAP Upscale Commerce is also integrated with SAP S / 4HANA, so that all customer-visible functions are linked to finance, logistics and order processing in the backend to ensure a seamless customer experience.

– Three new functions on the SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) to gain further insights from the data. SAP Analytics Cloud now offers HR functions for operational personnel analysis and planning with integration into SAP SuccessFactors solutions. It connects operational data with financial and employee data, giving companies more comprehensive insights into human resources. In addition, the new data marketplace for SAP Data Warehouse Cloud serves customers and partners to network with data providers from various industries. In the low-code/no-code area, SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation services can now capture and automate user interactions. for further automation possibilities, it can be integrated with SAP Process Insights.

Press conference in times of pandemic: Like Sapphire Now, the press conference is also held online as a video conference. (c) Screenshot / COMPUTER WORLD

Jens Hungershausen, CEO of DSAG
(c) DSAG

The German-speaking SAP User Group (DSAG) has already given an assessment of the news. Jens Hungershausen, Chairman of the Board of Management of DSAG, assesses the approach of SAP with RISE with SAP to bring its customers into cloud scenarios and to combine it with other offers on the subject of business transformation quite positively for SAP users, although this approach still has to prove itself in reality. “The planned industrial packages for automotive, retail, consumer goods, mechanical engineering, component manufacturers and energy supply, for example, sound interesting. The same applies to the extensions around human experience management and the modular cloud ERP,” says Hungershausen and emphasizes that all this also represents interventions in existing IT landscapes, “which are only possible if the solutions addressed can be understood throughout the SAP eco-system and corresponding projects can be implemented on the basis of viable business cases.“

More news presented at Sapphire Now can be found in the SAPPHIRE NOW Innovation News Guide. SAPPHIRE NOW will take place online from 7 to 10 June 2021.

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