Telekom and Samsung want more sustainability in smartphones

Telekom and Samsung want more sustainability in smartphones


Deutsche Telekom and Samsung are cooperating on sustainability. Among other things, the circulatory system for used smartphones is to be expanded. […]

With strategic cooperation for more sustainability in smartphones, Telekom and Samsung now want to implement the topic in the mass market. Of particular interest among the four parts of the project is the development of a” green ” 5G smartphone, which is scheduled to hit the market by the end of 2022 and will be easily repairable with a user-replaceable battery.

When it comes to the mobile cycle, the focus is on the useful life of smartphones. Samsung is already part of the Telekom mobile phone circuit in Germany and Poland, where the network operator buys back, processes, and circulates used phones. The concept is currently being expanded and is expected to be relaunched in October. Among other things, it is planned that Samsung will supply used smartphones to the cycle.

In addition, the companies are developing a common concept for compensating for the costs incurred in the recycling of waste equipment. For example, each device sold should be donated to an NGO. This organizes proper recycling of old equipment.

The fourth pillar comprises the end device portfolio, which is to be made more sustainable overall. Samsung is an important partner of Telekom. Both companies are already partners of the Eco Ranking initiative, which introduces a sustainability rating for smartphones.

* Boris Boden leads the test editorial team for the magazines Telecom Handel and com!, he is also deputy editor-in-chief of Telecom Handel. He has been dealing with mobile phones, smartphones, and tablets for many years. No device is safe from his urge to try technical toys.

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