TGML: a New platform for Marketing decision-makers celebrates debut

While game outstaffing developers in Germany, a large range of conferences and platforms for the professional exchange exists, have Marketing actors have been few opportunities. This will change The Games Marketing Lab – short: TGML – now.

Germany has a new Networking platform for the German-language Games-Board industry: TGML – The Games Marketing Lab is to promote, with the Digital and Hybrid events, as well as a new website and Facebook channel the active exchange and training for Marketing decision – makers to.

To kick off the first round of talks to be running by the end of February on Social-Network-App Clubhouse. As of the start date weeks will be discussed in the two-cycle, new Marketing-themes from the Games industry. Depending on the Situation, to be held in the late summer/fall of 2021, a Hybrid Business Event in Munich.

TGML is a joint project of Stefan Detterming from the Bad Homburg company BXDXO and Andreas Kaljo July GmbH. The goal is the combination of conferences and Networking close in the broad German-speaking Event space, a gap with the views of the Marketing for video games.

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