The announcement of the new The Walking Dead: survival

The announcement of the new The Walking Dead: survival

The game, adapted for virtual reality devices, The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners was an excellent hit with the opportunity to enjoy the story, to be in a VR-universe of the walking dead and sort out a few ways of dealing with the dead monsters. A year after its release the outstaffing workers Studio Survios has finally announced the sequel of the franchise. The Walking Dead: survival will be released very soon.

The first part of VR-title based on the series of comics. The Walking Dead: Onslaught is part of the series. The company has taken to cooperate with the actors and producers of the television series to create authentic characters and approval history. The user will be able to move into the role of Rick, Daryl, Carol, or michonne, walking around Alexandria. Events TWDO occur between the 8th and 9th season.

This is a fairly massive project: the Studio has announced that it is working already about two years on the new titles, the work involved 40-50 employees. Typically, VR-Studio, limited to a maximum of 20 people. Half-Life: Alyx, on which he worked more than 80 people, has become one of the best games of virtual reality. From the Onslaught, probably not expect the implementation at the same high level.

The gameplay is focused on the bloody melee, which can not only beat, but to choke, push, to tear off limbs of the undead. You can attack more than 30 opponents simultaneously. Zombies move and behave in the same way as in the series. The plot is divided into separate chapters mode (“campaign”), which is intertwined with the “marauding attacks”, that is, survival in a dangerous environment. Both modes are intertwined and are replaced, not allowing the player to get bored.


Release date The Walking Dead: survival scheduled for September 29, 2020, PlayStation VR and PC VR helmets that confirms the edition IGN. This is also reported in the trailer.

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