The biggest upgrade Beat Saber v1.12.1

13 Oct Beat Saber expect the major update, which users have received brand new interface that is non-updatable (so far) modifications and the long-awaited multiplayer mode.

Despite the primitive gameplay and graphics, game music Beat Saber has earned the love of users and the title of one of the best VR games. At first glance, hit the blocks, light swords, the rhythm of music seems boring and uninteresting pastime. However, I love the game Beat Games at least once, it’s pretty hard to go back to her again. At the levels of Expert and Expert+ requires high expertise and concentration. And, of course, the game gives you the opportunity to once again listen to your favorite music, workout and get great pleasure from immersion into a different reality.

Globally, interface has changed. The outsourcing developers have grouped all the possible options on one screen. Basically all the old features you can find a intuitive way, with one exception: if You have not purchased the official music packages, and used ModAssistant for porting custom songs, now download unavailable. Downloaded songs remain in the game, however, download something new users will be able after some time I updated the modification.

Multiplayer Beat Saber came with the update v1.12.1. for platforms Steam and Oculus. Players PlayStation VR will have to wait a bit due to differences in the certification program Sony. Players can now participate in private or public matches with players from around the world. Users see each other in a simple avatar which you can customize and configure. Added arena designed for multiplayer games. Avatars available in multiplier. To the match can join five people, so you can play with 1-4 friends or random opponents. Multiplayer only supports all the official songs in the main game and DLC.

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