The demand for VR helmets this year fell on a third of

Research pravednoe company International Data Corporation (IDC), said that the delivery of virtual reality (VR) in the second quarter of this year fell by one-third (33.7 per cent) compared to the same period of 2017.

Analysts say that the observed pattern is a temporary phenomenon associated with the outstaffing development of the industry, and also with the changing priorities of producers and consumers.


So, now there is a sharp decline in interest in VR-helmets, which are used as display and the electronic module of the smartphone. Delivery of such devices fell at an annual rate of 1 million units to 409 thousand units.

Demand for the helmets that require connection to a computer or a gaming console, for the year decreased by 37.3%. In the second quarter of HTC has shipped approximately 111 thousand such devices Oculus and Sony — 102 thousand and 93 thousand gadgets respectively.


At the same time there is a rapid increase in sales of self-sufficient virtual reality, which is neither a computer nor a smartphone. Shipment of such devices on an annual basis, jumped 417,7%.

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