The entrance to the Oculus is now bound account Facebook

The entrance to the Oculus is now bound account Facebook

Headsets Oculus users have noticed a warning about connecting to your Facebook account to sign in to Oculus. The owners of the Quest, Oculus, Oculus Rift, and Go previously could create their own credentials in the ecosystem Oculus, not integrating personal social network account. In August 2020, the company Facebook said that in October, players will have to bind the account to Facebook when you log into a virtual account.

The requirement takes effect for all new devices purchased Oculus. However, if You purchased the device earlier and have an Oculus account, You will be able to continue to use it without being tied up to January 2023. Facebook translate to force all users to register accounts in Facebook after this date, users may lose some functions of the Oculus ecosystem.

According to the giant social networks, these changes are necessary to simplify finding friends in virtual reality, as well as access to social VR functions such as voice dialing or in-game chat.

Tying the Facebook account, the user can hide their real information found on the personal page when using virtual reality. Also, do not want to lose the data to your account, because restoring access is only possible by contacting support.

“If you are an existing user and already have an account with Oculus, you will be able to log in via Facebook and merge your accounts Oculus and Facebook.

If you are an existing user and you chose not to consolidate your accounts, you can continue to use the Oculus account for two years.

After January 1, 2023, we will no longer support accounts Oculus. If you decide not to join your accounts during this time, you can continue to use your device, but for full functionality you will need account Facebook. We will take steps to allow you to continue to use purchased content, although we expect that some games and apps may stop working. For all future unreleased devices Oculus will require a Facebook account, even if you already have an account with Oculus.

Most of our users are already part of Oculus with Facebook account to use features such as chat rooms, parties and events, or tune in to live entertainment at the Oculus Venues. We also simplify sharing on our team project. For example, people already have the ability to broadcast or share your virtual reality experience on Facebook and soon you will be able to use your virtual avatar in other applications and technologies Facebook”.

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