The fewer smartphones, the more well-being

The fewer smartphones, the more well-being

How much smartphone use is good? This is what a research team from the University of Bochum wanted to know. About 620 people were divided into three groups – one reduced their consumption, one was completely abstinent, one did not change anything. […]

According to a study, a temporary total abandonment of the smartphone and a reduction in daily use by one hour can have a positive effect on well-being. This was the result of an analysis for which around 620 adults with an average age between 20 and 30 years were interviewed, as reported by the Ruhr University Bochum.

A team of researchers wanted to know: “Whether our life without a smartphone is actually better or rather: how much less smartphone a day is good for us”. The study had previously been published in the psychological journal Journal of Experimental Psychology.

The starting point of the survey: According to university data, the smartphone is used by the population on average for more than three hours a day. Studies have shown that intensive use could be accompanied by a decrease in physical activity, neck pain, reduced performance or addiction-like behavior.

Best effects with less smartphone use

The participants – all with a smartphone usage time of at least 75 minutes daily – were divided into three groups of around 200 test persons each. One group completely dispensed with the mobile phone for a week, the second reduced daily use by one hour, the third did not change anything. Immediately after the measure and one month and again four months later, the research team interviewed all participants about their lifestyle habits and their well-being.

Result of the study, which is not representative: both the complete renunciation and the one-hour reduction had positive effects on lifestyle and well-being. In the group with reduced usage time, these positive effects lasted even longer than in the abstinence group. Head of research Julia Brailovskaia from the Research and Treatment Center for Mental Health concluded: “In the long term, those who had reduced use fared best.”

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