The latest product version of AlgoSec offers application-based risk analysis

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AlgoSec A32.20 – Extended support for cloud platforms

AlgoSec, the application connectivity and security policy company, today announced the release of its latest product version, A32.20.

A32.20 from AlgoSec offers a powerful solution for companies to manage security in their hybrid and multi-cloud environments. With A32.20, organizations gain granular application visibility and discovery to identify and analyze risks in their multi-cloud environment, including AWS, GCP, and Azure.

Eran Shiff, Vice President Product at AlgoSec

“With this release, A32.20 offers a new powerful cloud coverage, including PAN Prism access. This gives customers the opportunity to deploy applications in the cloud and on-premise faster than ever before,” says Eran Shiff, Vice President Product at AlgoSec . “A32.20 provides a comprehensive solution for enterprises to secure application connectivity, reduce risk and ensure continuous compliance as they go through the digital transformation.“

The main advantages that AlgoSec A32.20 offers to IT, network and security professionals include:

Application-based risk analysis in the cloud

Enables SecOps teams to shift the focus of risk analysis and remediation to specific business applications beyond risk categories.

Support of PAN Prisma access

As an early availability, A32.20 supports the visibility of Prisma Access for remote networks and service connections, a truly industry-leading technology of its kind.

GCP Risk Support

A32.20 provides advanced capabilities to support the detection of GCP-related risks across the hybrid network inventory and across multiple public clouds.

Extended support for NSX in AWS

As an early availability, A32.20 offers extended cloud support for NSX on AWS in addition to the existing on-premise support.

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