“The Modern JavaScript Tutorial”, is the only JS Tutorial you need

JavaScript has become this month, 25 years old. Although at the core the same, would probably say no one seriously, that today’s JavaScript development can be learned with the manuals in the last quarter of a century.

Development team celebrate Silver wedding with the programming language that is adapted to, hopefully, over the decades, and not only Software, but also developed in-house. Otherwise, either your customers or they themselves are likely to remain on the track.

Who has not, as yet more deeply with JavaScript, but the potential to do this, you can ignore the volume of educational material, it is traditional to JavaScript in plain. Also any Legacy-book-cars, with the 58. Edition pretend to actuality, to bubble up to the Overhead unnecessarily.

Modern JavaScript: ‘s how you do it today

The Modern JavaScript Tutorial. (Screenshot: The Modern JavaScript Tutorial / t3n)

What we need instead is a Tutorial that is not necessary to cut off old habits, because it comes with a short haircut, therefore. And this Tutorial it is! It goes by the name “The Modern JavaScript Tutorial”, and is maintained by a growing group of more than 600 contributors on GitHub.

The Motto of the fresh Tutorials is “How it’s done now”, so in English about “the now”. The Slogan is: The “modern JavaScript Tutorial” covers all areas – from the Basics to the Advanced topics and places a value in a simple, but detailed explanations.

Help with the Translation urgently sought

The only prerequisite for a profitable use of the knowledge of the English language. Users who visit the page, however, the language based on your browser setting addresses assigned, and in case of doubt, ask for help: “Your Browser will tell us, that you come from Germany. Could you help us with the Translation of the tutorial to German?“ The one likes a pushy, the other smart find. In addition to the English language this Tutorial can be used in Spanish, Russian, Turkish, Arabic, Japanese, Korean, and traditional Chinese.

Who does not want to call the Tutorial on the Web, but for example in an Intranet or local deploy on GitHub a Server Version.

Ready to see us in action:

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