The risks are increasing: cybercrime also in the private sector

Armis warnt vor NTLM Relay-Attacken


The danger from the net

The Internet is one of the greatest achievements of recent decades. It provides us with quick access to information, helps us in administration and communication. Even production processes can now be controlled via the World Wide Web.

In addition to all the positive aspects, the use of the Internet also poses risks. Disinformation can divide societies and even endanger democracy. Both politicians and business leaders assesswdm_placeholder_number_0 that there is a strong polarization of society through social networks. Nevertheless, a majority of respondents think that Facebook & Co are rather positive.

More threatening is the threat posed by data fraud and other forms of cybercrime. The threat level has never been as dramatic as in 2021. Threats include computer viruses and other malware. Ransomware plays an important role for companies. Thus, criminals take over entire company networks and paralyze them through encryption. They extort large sums of ransom money in order to promise the decryption code after payment.

However, the attacks from the Internet do not only apply to companies and institutions. Private users must also be prepared against attacks. Effective virus protection serves as a good basis, for example by
Antivirus Free for PC . The software shows that security for the computer is not a matter of money. There are good free programs that detect threats as reliably as expensive purchase programs.

Even older PCs or laptops can still be well protected. It is important that users use a program that does not affect the system performance of the computer. The free programs are also able to prevent data theft through phishing and other types of fraud.

How the state lets the citizen down

Viruses, Trojans or ransomware sometimes reach the PC through the misconduct of computer users. Smartphones, tablets and even wearables are no less threatened. Users protect themselves best by opening attachments from emails only if they know the sender. Anyone who accidentally surfs an insecure website is reliably protected by the antivirus program.

Anyone who is not protected should know that browsers and software have security vulnerabilities. Criminals use these loopholes to inject malicious programs into the computer system. Those who expect protection from the state will be severely disappointed. Instead of taking care to close vulnerabilities, he exploits them. Of course, the “State Trojan” is used according to precise legal rules, but the bitter aftertaste from the surveillance state remains. The Israeli spyware “Pegasus” is also said to be owned by German authorities.

Volatile threat situation

The most active malicious programs show what criminals are most interested in. Two pests in the top 3 steal data sent via the web browser. You are interested in credentials, i.e. usernames and passwords. In addition, the most active malware “FormBook” takes screenshots and reads keystrokes.

A second popular form is banking Trojans like “Trickbot”. He steals bank data and seems to be increasingly targeting German computers. By the way, smartphones are also threatened by cybercrime. The Trojans gain partial control over all functions of the mobile phone.

Antivirus programs have never been more important

The threat situation has never been more dramatic than it is today. The Federal Ministry of the Interior recently came to this conclusion. The most sustainable protection is an effective malware protection program.

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