The start-up HypnoVR raises 4.5 million euros for its virtual reality therapy

The start-up HypnoVR raises 4.5 million euros for its virtual reality therapy

The Strasbourg start-up HypnoVR, specialized in virtual reality therapies, announces this Tuesday, December 7, a fundraising of 4.5 million euros. The round table was conducted by the Banque des Territoires on behalf of the State as part of the Future Investment Program (PIA) “Territoires d’innovation”, Akiles and Capital Grand Est via Alsace Création.

Historical investors, including Guillaume Richard, founder and CEO of OuiCare (a personal services company) and the family office of Daniel Caille, founder and CEO of Vivalto Santé (a player in private hospitalization in France) also participated. The fundraising also includes financing from Bpifrance.

Reduce the use of sedatives and anxiolytics
HypnoVR was founded by Denis Graff and Chloé Chauvin, both anesthesiologists and hypnotherapists, as well as Nicolas Schaettel, co-founder of Culture.Digital and specialist in digital communication. She has developed a software – qualified as a Class 1 medical device – to reduce stress and pain through non-pharmacological “medical hypnosis” in virtual reality. It is compatible with Oculus Quest 2 headsets as well as the Pico G2 4K. The end goal is to reduce the use of sedative and anxiolytic drugs and their side effects for patients.

The software offers six “universes” (marine, snowy…) accompanied by six “musical compositions” on which a female or male voice is expressed. The whole thing is available in seven languages. In total, HypnoVR offers 22 scenarios integrating sequences of guided breathing, cardiac coherence (a particular state of cardiac variability generated by breathing) and “hypnotic suggestions”. The sessions can be controlled remotely thanks to an application available on smartphone and tablet.

Reduction of pain, stress and anxiety
This device is now used to reduce pain before, during and after a medical procedure as well as to alleviate stress and anxiety levels during a medical procedure. It is aimed at several specialties such as dentistry, urology, gynecology or medical imaging. It can also be used to improve caregiver stress management and quality of work life.

To date, 240 healthcare institutions in Europe use HypnoVR. The startup has also signed partnerships with major groups such as Vivalto Santé, B. Braun to complete the care of perioperative patients as well as Pierre Fabre Oral Care for dental care.

Regarding the scientific effectiveness of this device, HypnoVR has presented 13 scientific publications so far. another 42 are in the pipeline, she said. They showed a 93% reduction in anxiety when implantable chambers were placed (a case placed under the skin connected to a catheter), a 41% reduction in chronic pain and a 45% reduction in the consumption of morphine drugs, 63% in the consumption of anxiolytics and 40% in postoperative pain during scoliosis surgeries.

Marketing works in the form of a “pack”. The first, from 149 euros per month, is aimed at independent practitioners with headphones. The second, dedicated to health facilities, is priced at 349 euros per month with three headsets (for six headsets the price is 689 euros).

Accelerate commercialization in France and Europe
Thanks to this new fundraising, HypnoVR wishes to accelerate the commercial deployment of its solution in France and Europe. It also intends to continue its research & amp; development program to continue strengthening the therapeutic effectiveness of the software and expand its scope of application to other medical and paramedical specialties.

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