The Super Gaps 2022 – New SonicWall Podcast Episode

The Super Gaps 2022 - New SonicWall Podcast Episode

What new dangers are lurking this year and what you can do about them

Cybersecurity is more important than ever before – but what will the super gaps in IT security be in 2022 and how can you ensure that you do not become a victim of these gaps?

A topical question with which Timo Lüth and Silvan Noll together with Jan Patrick Schlögell, Senior Director, Central & Eastern Europe at SonicWall, set apart in this episode.

They not only talk about why the “New Normal” goes far beyond the pandemic, how the situation in Ukraine is bringing movement underground, about Log4Shell and the exploitation of unpatched vulnerabilities, but also how essential the investigation of encrypted data traffic and network segmentation is today, about the role of multi Platform security and much more.

Only those who know these vulnerabilities can effectively protect themselves

You should definitely not miss this episode!

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