The two big Cs containers and cloud will determine trends


Markus Grau, Principal Technology Strategist in the EMEA CTO Office at Pure Storage, gives a brief outlook on what he expects in the coming 12 months. […]

The cloud will dominate and cause tension. There is no denying that the cloud is an enormous catalyst for innovation, as it offers companies the opportunity to test different techniques or introduce a new technology at an early stage. But it is also a source of tension within companies, as the enthusiastic users and the cloud realists turn their heads. These tensions will increase even more in 2022, as CIOs and CEOs are struggling with FOMO (“fear of missing out”) and want to move everything to the cloud so as not to lose touch. Those who have a balanced view of the cloud will come into conflict with the “everything to the cloud” mentality of CIOs and CEOs. Cloud realists, who are usually lower down the food chain, run the risk of being labeled as infidels and marginalized if they do not adapt to the mindset of cloud enthusiasts.

Kubernetes will not fall by the wayside in the face of no-code solutions

Companies expect the impossible from their data. You want faster insights into larger amounts of data at lower costs. There is a strong temptation to believe that cloud-based solutions without code can provide this, with some predicting the demise of Kubernetes given the increasing number of these solutions. Kubernetes and container technology are underestimated. Containers and Kubernetes are the driving force behind how the industry is reinventing the way we build and run applications and driving the efficiency and agility of enterprise IT. Their popularity is sure to increase even more by 2022. To support this development, the number of startups in the K8s ecosystem that focus on security and monitoring capabilities will continue to increase. However, the biggest challenge for companies in the age of the increasing spread of Kubernetes will be the supply of developers who have the knowledge and experience to work in this field.

CIOs will be fired if they don’t have a common container and cloud strategy

A CIO who asks the question “When are we going to the cloud?“ can not answer, will probably be fired. The scale of the adoption of cloud technology has been astronomical in recent years, but in 2022 it will be increasingly focused on taking advantage of the benefits of introducing containers. As IT budgets shift from maintaining systems to driving innovation, every CIO needs to have a comprehensive success plan for how they will share containers and cloud in 2022. However, it should be borne in mind that a quick introduction is not everything, but the basics must be solid. The planning must be forward-looking and include flexibility, because changes in this area are guaranteed, be it with the cloud provider or with the K8s distribution or with both. Modern applications run on modern data services, with K8s as the basis. Companies want to win with data, and the CIO is the key to this success.

*Markus Grau is Principal Technology Strategist in the EMEA CTO Office at Pure Storage.

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