The Witcher AR will now appear in Your smartphones

The Witcher AR will now appear in Your smartphones

Fans of the Witcher this year lucky enough to meet again with his beloved Universe created by Andrzej by Sapkowski. This time The Witcher returns in the role of augmented reality game for smartphones. Application developer-created three video games and two add-ons series – Polish Studio CD Projekt Red, or rather, an offshoot of Spokko.


Game the Witcher: Monster Slayer from the point of view of gameplay similar to the popular Pokémon Go, but now the player isn’t on pokemon, and all sorts of monsters from the bestiary of the Witcher. Very soon, owners of Android or iOS will be able to see the Witcher on their mobile devices. The game will be free for all, but will include paid content.

The Witcher for smartphones – this is an AR RPG that reads the user’s location. Gameplay focuses on battles in the first person.


The battles used swords and spells vedmachi. Depending on the weather, time of day and flow of Geralt the player fights monsters at various levels. In addition, You can use bombs or create potions from alchemy ingredients. The Studio even included a storyline and quests in video game style on PC. As the genre implies RPG, You can pump the main character.

Model AR-experience Pokémon Go has become a benchmark for developers of augmented reality, and many are trying to achieve similar success. For example, Niantic has developed a Harry Potter in AR, and Microsoft have launched Minecraft AR. At the moment performanta Studio deals AR Board game The Settlers of Catan.

However, the followers of Pokémon Go are unable to achieve the same excitement. Perhaps due to the popularity of the franchise The Witcher mobile counterpart will be able to achieve success.

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