These 7 Design Tools sets Stripe

The extraordinary web of Stripe in the Tech industry, many imitators. The Tools in billions of Online payment services are to be used internally.

Normally, companies have it without a product for the consumer is hard to bring into the conversation. Stripe, however, is an exception. The US payment service provides a Software to accept credit card payments. Traders, for example, can equip your Shop without a great deal of programming effort with a payment interface. Only on Wednesday evening, the company out of San Francisco announced a new funding round of about $ 245 million.

The sole reason for the reputation of Stripe, but for a long time. The payment service is in the technology industry for his web-design not known. For years, the designers at Stripe to put the relatively complex product on its Website in a clear and appears to be successful in the scene.

No wonder, then, that the web design is in high demand among many designers. Blogger dissect the Stripe Website on a regular basis, several Startups have the animations for inspiration and as soon as there are design changes, the discussions in the forums hot. To inquiry us Stripe betrayed the internally used Tools.

This Tools uses Stripe for his Design

No Surprise, of course. The vector graphic program has spread among designers in the past few years. For the Sketch, the fast and versatile operation, as well as the focus of talk on the design of User-Interface elements. More recently, in the subscription usable for 99 euros per year. According to data from Stripe Sketch is used internally by most designers, but some rely on Alternative:

Namely, on Figma. Also, this Tool is designed primarily for the design of UI elements. In comparison to Sketch Figma features some of the collaboration features, and is available for Windows and Linux. In addition, there is a free trial version. After twelve dollars per month, and users will be due.

Who wants to try out the behavior of animations and interactions, even before it goes to the actual programming outsourcing work in the web design usually on a Prototyping Tool. In a special way, it Framer, the Design Team of the Stripe is specialized. After a free trial period, the use of strikes with an amount of 15 dollars a month to beech.

As already mentioned, especially the smooth animations on the Stripe Website is a popular source of Inspiration. Created with Principle for Mac. The Tool is defined animations, for example, typical Bounce, Ease, and Pop-effects, or provides users with the ability to self-lend a Hand. Importing Sketch Files is possible. Principle one-time cost of 129 dollars.

Less Wake is widely used against it. The Tool helps designers to share their projects with colleagues. So everyone in the Team knows what is currently being worked on. Knowledge silos to be resolved. A large value of the Wake is the ability to rate each uploaded design and discuss. The Tool has a Free trial, Premium access on request.

In addition, Stripe works with a kind of file Manager for design objects. Only since 2017 on the market, has made Abstract in the scene quickly. Using an automatically installed Sketch Plugins, Abstract monitors all the Changes in a file, and saves it as a separate Version, both locally and in the Background. $ 15 per month with annual payment is due.

Also the Tool of choice under Stripe-designers React, a Javascript library, which is a technical framework for the output of UI-components of web pages belongs to. The benefits of the library are the extensive documentation, as well as the modular structure of the components.

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