These are the biggest digitization profiteers

These are the biggest digitization profiteers

180,000 Euros for the CIO, over 90,000 euros for the infrastructure expert – IT employees cannot complain about low salaries, as a current salary overview shows. […]

The IT industry is booming, and this is also in the second corona year. “Specialists in the IT industry are more in demand than ever and can expect a high starting salary,” says Michael Baier, Managing Director Germany & Austria at the personnel service provider Michael Page, assessing the situation in the industry. The fact that digitization topics are booming is also shown by the many open job advertisements.

“Candidates receive many job offers and have many conversations in parallel,” observes Pablo Galan, Managing Director at the Michael Page subsidiary Page Personnel Germany. We are looking for qualified specialists and managers for positions such as product owner or Java software developer. In the temporary employment industry, on the other hand, IT support specialists are in great demand. Even lateral entrants quickly find a job after retraining.

Due to the shortage of skilled workers, recruiting is becoming a challenge for companies: in addition to salaries, aspects such as home office as well as information about the corporate culture or the application process play an important role in deciding for or against a new job. Attractive job offers also increase the willingness of employees to change jobs. “The labor market is on course for the employees – and depends on their ideas and salary wishes,” Galan comments on the current situation.

A current salary overview “Information Technology” by Michael Page for specialists and executives as well as page personnel for the temporary employee industry shows how different IT salaries are depending on professional experience and functional area. The analysis is based on an evaluation by Michael Page and Page Personnel for the period from January to December 2021. PageGroup databases, job advertisements of the most frequently visited online job boards and company websites in Germany were included.

Those who hold a leadership position can expect salaries in the six-figure range. For example, the median of a Team Leader Infrastructure at 105,000 euros. At the top levels of the career ladder, salaries are once again making a significant jump. With a median salary of 180,000 euros, the Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and Chief Technology Officers (CTOs) the top earners of the IT industry.

However, there are also large salary differences at the level of managers: the median salary of a Team Leader SAP/ERP is 116,000 euros – 16,000 euros more than that of a Team Leader Software. For subject matter experts, the salary varies significantly depending on the position. While at Data Scientists the median salary is 62,900 euros, earns a Infrastructure Architect with 91,500 euros, around 29,000 euros more per year. In an industry comparison, the infrastructure architect is in first place in terms of salary, followed by SAP Developers (90,300 Euros), Security Architects (90,000 Euros) and SAP Analysts (81,300 Euros).

In the temporary employment sector Data Architects (55,000 Euros), Windows System Administrators (53,000 Euros) or Data Analysts (52,500 Euros) among the most sought-after jobs, the evaluation of Page Personnel showed the best remuneration. Depending on the position, there are clear salary differences: with a median salary of 55,000 euros, a data architect earns 20,000 euros more per year than a 1st level support specialist. Depending on the position, salaries can vary by up to 26,500 euros per year. The salary figures represent gross annual salaries.

*Hans Königes is Head of the department, the Computer Week, on the topic of jobs & careers and is therefore responsible for all topics related to the labor market, jobs, professions, salaries, personnel management, recruiting and social media in professional life.

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