Thinking Objects concludes framework agreement for Airlock products with BMI

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Framework Agreement for the supply of Airlock software licenses

Thinking Objects GmbH has concluded a framework agreement with the Procurement Office of BMI for the supply of Airlock software licenses, software maintenance and product-related services with a term of up to four years.

The aim of the framework agreement is to make Airlock – the application security software from the manufacturer Ergon Informatik AG – and related services available to the direct federal administration and other indirect authorities. Thinking Objects GmbH has included SVA System Vertrieb Alexander GmbH as a subcontractor in the tender and finally received the contract from the procurement office.

The Airlock Secure Access Hub combines the important IT security topics of filtering and authentication into a well-coordinated overall package that sets standards in terms of usability and services. The Airlock Secure Access Hub covers all the important functions of modern application security: from a Web application Firewall (WAF) awarded by specialist journalists, to a Customer Identity & Access Management (cIAM) with integrated strong authentication (2FA), which Swiss banks trust, to API and microservice security that meets the latest requirements. The Airlock IT security solution protects more than 20 million active digital identities and 30,000 backends from over 600 customers around the world.

The procurement office had examined the performance of the contractors in detail from an economic and technical point of view and assumed a gold partner status. According to Ergon, Airlock Gold partners are proven Airlock experts who have excellent know-how and a broad customer base. They are a very good choice for successful airlock projects and smooth operation.
“Especially in view of the growing threat situation due to cyber attacks, the BMI Procurement Office is securing urgently needed procurement to strengthen IT security with this agreement,” says Markus Klingspor, Managing Director of Thinking Objects GmbH.

Dominik Missbach, Senior Account Manager Germany at Airlock

“We are delighted that our partner Thinking Objects has been awarded the contract together with SVA. We are convinced that two very experienced partners have prevailed, who are very familiar with projects for the integration and maintenance of Airlock. The procurement of Airlock products and services is now much easier and faster.“, scrive Dominik Missbach, Senior Account Manager Germany at Airlock.

Since 1994, Thinking Objects GmbH has been offering tailor-made solutions for the areas of IT security, IT project management and operation & support in data centers. Around 100 employees work for the managed security service provider every day for customers of various sizes and industries.

SVA System Vertrieb Alexander GmbH is one of the leading system integrators in Germany and employs more than 2,200 people at 26 locations. The Office for the Public Service specializes in the sale of hardware & software from various established manufacturers as well as the distribution of corresponding IT services from conception, planning and consulting to the integration and operation of system solutions and specialist applications for public clients.

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