ThreatQuotient named “TAG Cyber Distinguished Vendor 2021”

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ThreatQuotient™, a leading innovator of security platforms, announces that the company has been recognized as a “Distinguished Vendor” by TAG Cyber in its Security Quarterly Report for the third quarter of 2021. TAG Cyber selected ThreatQuotient as one of only a handful of industry-leading cybersecurity solution providers to be included in the report, which provides expert advice, research and analysis, and education for the entire cybersecurity ecosystem.

A leading provider of security operations solutions, it enables organizations to reduce their cybersecurity risk through improved automation and data management

In 2021, the frequency and scale of cyber attacks have increased. It affects businesses and critical infrastructure, from hospitals to power plants. With the increasing intensity and risks associated with these threats, companies, governments, and individuals need more research and resources to protect themselves from the damage cyberattacks can do to vital systems. To address the lack of security personnel and the industry’s need for more curated and data-driven threat intelligence, ThreatQuotient recently announced two new features built into the ThreatQ platform: ThreatQ TDR Orchestrator and ThreatQ Data Exchange .

“Existing approaches to security automation work for repetitive tasks, but to actually support detection and response needs, the focus of automation should be on the data, not the processes. ThreatQuotient helps organizations focus on what they learn from their data, leading to better detection and response, ” says Leon Ward, VP Product Management, ThreatQuotient. “ThreatQuotient builds on this approach to improve overall security operations and strengthen threat data sharing in the industry. We are pleased to have been included in TAG Cyber’s report as a respected provider. We appreciate your work to further educate the market about current threats and leading solutions.“

Katie Teitler, VP of Research and Advisory at TAG Cyber, adds: “We are thrilled that ThreatQuotient is featured in this publication. With the rise of ransomware, phishing, and other attacks this year, their insights into achieving efficiency in security operations and curating data for effective automation to fend off attackers are of great interest and importance to IT and security professionals right now.“

To download TAG Cyber’s Q3 2021 Security Quarterly Report for free, which also includes an interview with Ward, click here .

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