ThreatQuotient promotes executives from its own ranks

Check Point stellt vier Initiativen für das Channel-Vertriebsmodell vor

Strengthening the international presence

ThreatQuotient, a leading innovator of security platforms, today announces the promotion of two key team members: Cyrille Badeau became Vice President of International Sales and Yann Le Borgne promoted to Vice President of International Threat Intelligence Engineering. In addition, the company was awarded several industry awards at the beginning of 2022, which underline the leading role of ThreatQuotient in the field of security operations and the influence of the enterprise platform on various use cases.

Yann Le Borgne
Cyrille Badeau

ThreatQuotient collaborates with organizations around the world and the company’s leadership team strives to serve local regions with a down-to-earth approach. Badeau is responsible for steering ThreatQuotient’s go-to-market strategy in Europe, the Middle East and the Asia-Pacific region and manages all aspects of international sales and business development with a focus on building long-term customer and partner relationships. Le Borgne works closely with regional teams to drive international pre-sales efforts. In this role, he is responsible for customer contact and technical support to ensure that prospects, customers and existing partners are successful with the ThreatQ platform.

John Czupak, President and CEO

“We have been working towards our mission to make security operations more efficient and effective. This is what we want to achieve in everything we do – from fostering a culture of teamwork and innovation to providing the best service, as well as the best experiences and technology solutions for our customers to meet their unique operational needs,” says John Czupak, President and CEO. “The development and success of our team members is crucial for the growth of our company. I am very proud of the contribution Cyrille and Yann have made to ThreatQuotient and their part in the company receiving industry awards for our products. I am looking forward to further growth in 2022.”

In the last financial year, ThreatQuotient acquired a record number of new customers and doubled its global presence in 12 new countries. ThreatQuotient’s position as a world leader is also underpinned by recent awards in a number of categories that reflect the company’s ability to provide a well-rounded solution for all aspects of security operations:

2022 Globee Cyber Security Global Excellence Awards

  • Gold Winner: Security Automation
  • Gold Winner: Threat Solutions / Hunting, Detection, Intelligence and Response
  • Bronze Winner: Most Innovative Security Company of the Year

2022 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards (North America, Companies with 100-499 employees)

  • Gold Winner: Security Automation
  • Gold Winner: Security Check
  • Gold Winner: Security Operations
  • Gold Winner: Threat Detection, Intelligence and Response
  • Silver Winner: Data-Centric Security

CRN 2022 Channel Bosses

  • Haig Colter, Director of Alliances, ThreatQuotient

There are various obstacles that prevent companies from maximizing the benefits of automation, such as budget, prioritization issues, talent shortages, technology, trust concerns, etc. The ThreatQ platform and its latest automation features enable teams to work faster and more thoroughly in defending against evolving threats. ThreatQuotient recently introduced version 5 of the ThreatQ platform, introducing the features needed to support the Security Operations Center (SOC) of the future, where data is the foundation. The latest features of ThreatQ include the unique DataLinq engine for automatically linking different systems and sources for advanced detection and response, as well as smart collections for automatically categorizing and filtering data for management and action.

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