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If you lack a screen recorder for filming the screen, PowerPoint can jump into the breach. com! professional shows how to do it. […]

Filming the desktop or part of it can sometimes be useful. For example, to show someone the operation of an application or to document a faulty behavior of a Windows app.

But now where do you quickly get a program that films the desired area of the screen? Of course, you could grab the game bar on Windows 10 and 11. Don’t you want this and do you happen to have Office 365 and PowerPoint? Then a simple screen recorder is also available with this!

Screen filming with PowerPoint

Open PowerPoint and in it an empty presentation with a slide. In the Insert tab on the far right, go to Media/Screen Recording.

A small command bar appears and PowerPoint itself minimizes itself to the taskbar. Using the two right buttons, you first turn on or off the recording of audio or the filming of the mouse cursor. Using the middle button, draw a rectangle on the area that you now want to film. The screen recorder marks the area for you with a dashed red line and shows the area outside of it slightly attenuated.

To start recording, click on the red Record button. A three-second countdown will appear, then the recording will start. Perform the steps to be filmed. Move the mouse to the top of the screen, to the place where the recorder bar was located. There she appears again.

Here you can pause or stop the recording. You can also stop the recording with Windowbutton+Shift+Q.

The recorded clip immediately ends up in the presentation. Clicking on it with the right, you will also find a Shorten command, with which you can cut away an unwanted beginning or a part to be deleted at the end of the video. Just drag the left and right limiter to the desired location.

Save video

However, the video clip is of little use to you within the PowerPoint presentation. Right-click on the video and go to Save Media As. Set a location (e.g. your video folder) and a file name. The file will already end up on your hard drive as a video file in MP4 format.

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