Tobii, Valve and OpenBCI work on controls in VR with the help of the brain

Tobii, Valve and OpenBCI work on controls in VR with the help of the brain

The ability to manipulate in virtual reality with the whole environment, as in real life, interested researchers since the advent of technology. Currently, familiar option – using controllers. There is also the technology of tracking hands, implemented by the helmet sensors or special controllers-gloves. If we talk about the built-in function, for example, Oculus Quest, it’s too lightweight option that requires revision. Gloves are expensive.


It is possible that the new joint design Valve, Tobii and OpenBCI will make a breakthrough at the beginning of next year. Company is talking about creating the interface, brain-computer.

OpenBCI is a group nanotehnologicheskih researchers in Brooklyn, which is demonstrated in 2020 platform with the technology of computer interface Galea. This device is a MR-helmet with a huge number of various sensors, EEG, EOG, EMG, and others, can help to detect the emotions of the user. In addition, the headset features ultrafunctional technology brain interface.


The project gained popularity after the interview with the head of the Valve’s Gabe Newell. He confirmed that development team is currently cooperating with the OpenBCI.

The third main person in the project is the company Tobii. Probably, the future device will have a tracking sight

The BCI device is likely to be the device that can then be integrated into future headsets. About all the news of Neurotechnology can be found on the web site of the beta project OpenBCI Galea.

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