Today, Thursday is World Backup Day!

Today, Thursday is World Backup Day!

Imagine: the mobile phone is stolen and the laptop also goes hops. The (data) super-GAU! Especially if you don’t use a cloud as a storage location and the last backup was ages ago. […]

On March 31, 2022, the World Backup Day will be celebrated for the eleventh time. Well, how long has it been since you backed up your laptop or smartphone or tablet? If you have to think longer now or a guilty conscience is creeping up on you right away, it’s time to take your time for a data backup. By the way, you are in good company, because a survey by the British insurance company SO-SURE revealed at the end of 2020 that one in four never makes mobile phone backups.

Loud data loss is much more widespread than many believe. According to this, 21 percent of users have never made a backup (2021: 30%); 30 percent of all computers are already infected with malware or 113 smartphones / mobile phones are lost or stolen every minute (2021: ditto) and 29 percent of all “disasters” are accidents. Information about the World Backup Day can be found via this link.

Also have a look at our small picture gallery below with backup tools (click for a large view with detailed information below the pictures). You can find our big backup guide on the next page.

Create a backup. No, now!

So that you can continue to enjoy your videos and photos of family members and friends, and important documents are not lost, you should take your time and make a copy of your data.

The PCtipp Backup Guide

Of course, what should be secured is, on the one hand, a matter of taste or need. On the other hand, with everything you use on your PC, you should ask yourself how much effort it would take to recover the data. Would it just be a little time consuming? Or really troublesome? Would the information be hard to recover? Then the data should be backed up regularly.

For our big (already a little older, but still valid in principle) backup guide, go to this link. By the way: In this tip, Colleague Salvisberg explained how to wake up your Synology NAS in good time before the backup, for example under Windows 10. Colleague Bodoky explains here how to make space for scarce iCloud storage.

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