Trend Micro: Attacks on Linux operating systems

Trend Micro has presented a report on the current security status of Linux systems in the first half of 2021. […]

The study provides a detailed insight into how Linux operating systems are increasingly targeted by attackers due to the ongoing cloud transformation.

In 2017, 90 percent of public cloud workloads were running on Linux. According to Gartner, “the growing interest in cloud-native architectures raises the question of the future virtualization needs of servers in data centers. Most commonly, Linux OS-based virtualization is used, which forms the basis for containers.”Linux helps organizations leverage cloud-based environments and digital transformation. Many modern IoT devices, cloud applications and technologies run on a Linux variant, which must be protected as an important part of modern infrastructures.

A look at Shodan, a search engine for the Internet of Things, shows, for example, port 22, a port commonly used for the Secure Shell Protocol (SSH) for Linux-based machines, a striking result: Almost 19 million devices connected to the Internet have disclosed this port and can become the target of an attack. With almost 1.7 million open ports, Germany is in second place worldwide – after the USA (almost 6.8 million).

The study analyzes the main malware families that have attacked Linux servers in the last six months. The Trend Micro researchers identify the following malware types: 25 percent Coinminer, 20 percent webshells and 12 percent ransomware.

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